Taiwan VS Japan (Taiwan Travel Round Up)

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Today I have this Taiwan VS Japan / Taiwan travel round up video for you (I don’t not what to call this really), where I’m just sharing you some clips from our trip to Taiwan and also my thoughts about the differences between Taiwan and Japan. I was actually supposed to vlog in Taiwan and do a real traveling vlog, but it was raining SO MUCH that it was too difficult to film outside… So here’s this little bit different, super relaxed rambly video instead. 😀

Please notice that I’ve been living in Japan way longer and this was my first time in Taiwan, so I’m not saying that everything I noticed is correct, I’m not that familiar with the culture and only visited Taipei which is the biggest city. But as always thank you so much for tuning in to my channel and I hope you enjoy this Taiwan VS Japan video! 🙂 xo

Also I’m sorry about my English mistakes as always, lol.




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… Hello everybody! My name is Anna and I’m a 22 yo student from Finland. I was an exchange student in Japan for one year and now I’m travelling back and forward between Finland and Japan where my boyfriend lives. I’m very interested in Japanese culture and on this channel I’m trying my best to share real Japanese life with you. I have a small (big) obsession with beauty and makeup stuff as well which is another big part of this channel. I really hope you’ll find at least some of my videos interesting and thanks for being here in the first place! ^^

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15 Replies to “Taiwan VS Japan (Taiwan Travel Round Up)”

  1. Travel Channel

    You look Scandinavian/Russian. How come Finnish people look similar to neighboring countries but your language is so different? I think people like you in Russia were assimilated.

  2. Puddie Su

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts of your trip to Taiwan!Actually,Chinese (including China,Hong Kong,Taiwan…etc)people eat bird's nest as tonics.Have you tried the traditional dessert Boba milk tea?It's really delicious!Anyways,hope you visit Taiwan again next time!

  3. Jay Guitar Meddling

    Hello Anna. Thank you for your videos. Me and my wife have been enjoying the travel videos very much. Sorry to ask, but as a camera nerd these questions won't leave me untill I figure it out. What are the lenses behind you on the shelf?

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