What a trip! Taiwan, you have been too good to me.

Travel Pictures:

| Places Mentioned |
Fuhang Soy Milk
Jiu Fen Old Street
Shi Fen Old Street
Bake Cheese Tart
Baco Street Chocolate Cake
Ximen Ding
1794 Creative Park
Raohe Street Night Market
Xiang Shan (Elephant Mountain)
Da-Wan BBQ
Zhongxiao Dunhua Shopping
Din Tai Fung
Taipei Zoo
Shilin Night Market
Yo Sushi (Da’an)
Chen San Ding Black Sugar Bubble Tea
Prawn Shrimp Fishing (Zhongshan District)
Addiction Aquatic Development
Chia Te
Yangming Shan (Qingtiangang Trail)

| Music |
Moldy Lotion – Light Foot

Don’t Leave Me Here Alone – Artificial Music

Summer – Julian Avila

Dizzy – Joakim Karud

The Precious Hour – ProleteR

Monday – Jeff x Spencer

Lovely Rita – Biocratic

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  1. Laraine Caruana

    I'm going to Taiwan for the first time next month and have been watching dozens of videos to research and yours is by far the best video I've watched!! Entertaining, amazing editing and so informative! Thank you so much, I'm literally going to go to every spot you mentioned 🙂

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