BOBA ♦ Bubble Milk Tea in Taiwan (TRAVEL VLOG)

Today we’re trying Bubble Tea where it was first invented: Taiwan! We venture to Taipei City to get a taste of this feel-good drink. Afterwards we get in touch with our inner artist and admire installations at MOCA Taipei. We also dig into a steamy basket of Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings). Watch to see the yummy day unfold 🙂

FEATURED PLACES (in order of appearance):
+ Chun Shui Tang (No. 12, Nanjing W. Rd, Taipei City, Taiwan 104)
+ Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
+ National Theater
+ Gate of Great Centrality and Perfect Uprightness
+ National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
+ Hangzhou Xiao Long Bao


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Note: This video was shot in January 2017.

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35 Replies to “BOBA ♦ Bubble Milk Tea in Taiwan (TRAVEL VLOG)”

  1. Rey Of Light

    Mina, you totally need to go to Shanghai and visit Yuyuan garden where the xiao long bao was first invented! The original restaurant is in the garden and you sit there in a pretty traditional environment and look out over the traditional Chinese garden while munching on some truly amazing soup dumplings! The building has two restaurants (which as far as I know are the same really, just different parts) where one is more simple and traditional, and the other has a bit more crab in the dumplings and a seating environment that’s more fit for tourists. I’ve been to Yuyuan twice to have xiao long bao and both times was in the more traditional part of the restaurant. The garden has some more little restaurants or hole in the wall take out places, but I’ve never tried those. But did see that one of the hole in the wall spots had large soup dumplings where you have to drink the soup with a straw. But yeah, I only have experience of the original xiao long bao restaurant, and it’s well worth the trip! You might want to bring a friend who speaks Chinese though if you go there (I went with my ex-husband and former in-laws who are Chinese) as English doesn’t always work in China even in the big cities

  2. Cliff P

    Why don’t you have a spare 10,000ma battery to charge your phone in the go and camera when not using? Maybe have 2 and charge these at night. And then have an entire days of batteries.

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