Taiwan's Got Talent Foreigner Auditions

I have absolutely no idea what I’ve created here. I wasn’t planning on making this but I have, so here it is. I feel weird about how bad I feel about how bad this video is. Check out all the goons in this video via the links below.





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40 Replies to “Taiwan's Got Talent Foreigner Auditions”

  1. MrAauya

    Cmilk and Winston have faces that only a mother can love…………………….and the rest of the world want to punch in the mouth.

    Am I lying here?

  2. Andy Chen

    "I'm a bit of a dick." – Prozzie, 2019 lol
    Guess you guys were very drunk in the bar, recording that video. Anyway, awesome video. Good trip to Canada.

  3. 不要在停我權了啦

    Hi Prozzie ,Where is your girlfriend Christine?
    There are 12 months a year. And you, there are 12 girlfriends a month ?
    Is it TRUE?

  4. lee hobbs

    you two twats are a disservice to the reality on the ground, i faced these backwards ancients for 15 years. one day you'll get what i got from the ancients, psst, i never went looking for mutant slags. suffer lads for what you reap.

  5. Vincent Parker

    Hmm how can I politely say this. It is so bad that it could hurt your channel. Also, weird vibe from Alan, you may consider doing less collab with him. Just my observation, have a nice day!

  6. Proclaimor

    Nice video Prozzie. I love the talent show satire guys.
    While in the US don’t criticize minorities, hobos, addicts and sexual deviants or you will be sent to a liberal re-education center to learn sensitivity and Hillary Clinton thought. It’s freaking torture.

  7. Felippe Yaghdjian

    love this nonsense stuff, so damn funny! If you ever pass by the Philippines I will have some shots with you guys!!! Keep going, great material 😂👍

  8. Bruno Allen

    That bartender was fucking hilarious! The chaos & the mix & match style was fun and upbeat ,but seriously I think the only reason Allen moved from the UK was they made hazing freshmen illegal.

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