Taiwan is a MUST do | Travel, Eat, Repeat Season 2

We spent 8 days in Taiwan exploring the best food, best hikes, & best views. It was UNREAL.

episode one:

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Iz Harris is a travel journalist and producer based in Washington DC. She is the host and creator behind Eater’s show, Travel, Eat, Repeat and a full-time vlogger on Youtube. She, her husband, and their two small children spend most of the year traveling the globe and documenting it to share.

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39 Replies to “Taiwan is a MUST do | Travel, Eat, Repeat Season 2”

  1. Sunny Jules

    Humbled that you enjoyed your visit to Taiwan! Thank you for showing our lovely little country, can’t wait to see what you have found!! 🙂

  2. flutterbyby

    Love Taiwan. I ate so much when I travelled in Taiwan that for the first time in my life I wasn’t hungry for 2 whole days. Also tasted the best green tea ever in the mountains. Planning to return soon as life allows.

  3. 盧俊榮

    Shout out from Taiwan!
    Started watching Johnny on Vox border a year ago and instantly fulled in love with the way u guys narrate stories through videos. Didn't expected to see my hometown show up on u guys' channel but totally appreciated it! Keep up the good works!

  4. T.C C

    Welcome to explore my home country! Must explore Nantou city’s Yi-Main (意麵), a very different kind of noodle than anywhere else! So traditional and delicious!

  5. KenBon Loh

    Loooovveee Taiwan. The first country I travelled solo to and had visited for the 3rd time since then. And I will still want to go back and explore more. Missing their breakfast shops.

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