台灣安全嗎?How SAFE is Taiwan?

[有字幕] 台灣安全嗎?Is Taiwan really that safe?
Join me at San Yet-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei as I talk about some of the dangerous and safety aspects of living in Taiwan and whether or not I think Taiwan is a safe place to live or travel in.

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46 Replies to “台灣安全嗎?How SAFE is Taiwan?”

  1. Psycho General

    Every country and culture have its own dark side, there is no safety in Taiwan especially having a giant Nazism neighborhood on the opposite of the strait. They always said "Control the island and eliminate those people on it."
    In some cases Taiwan is the biggest refugee camp and internment camp in the world. lol

  2. 陳聰


  3. zakwan10

    I just discovered your channel and find it very interesting, Canadian here, very experienced traveler and was just offered a teaching position in Taiwan, although I had hoped for Taipei having a love for big cities, it's actually in Taoyuan, any advice here from yourself or any other Westerner in the area?

  4. CM 3


  5. Max J

    traffic, traffic traffic………….. careless driver is dangerous in Taiwan
    traffic, traffic traffic………….. careless driver is dangerous in Taiwan

  6. All Acerz

    台灣並不安全 民進黨的人會想要挖你的政治傾向
    如果你不同意他們 他們會打你揍你踢你抹黑你中傷你唾棄你 毫無是非觀
    所以敬告全球旅客 來台灣不要跟民進黨或綠營有所接觸 能躲多遠躲多遠 並且不要透露自己的政治傾向!

  7. 毛阿愷

    台灣最不安全的就是交通, 自行車不禮讓行人, 摩托車騎上專用道,三寶以為馬路是他們的,想轉彎就轉彎,不管直行車..小屁孩騎車不戴安全帽等等

  8. 屏东老妹菜英文


  9. John Symons

    Outstanding and objective report! Having lived in Taiwan for 10 years, many years ago, I totally agree with your remarks. 2 organizations I would like to commend for their wonderful service are the Foreign Affairs Police and the Post Office. The Foreign Affairs Police are there to provide any assistance needed by foreigners. They are trained in foreign languages and are so helpful in any situation when needed by foreigners. The Post Office is undoubtedly the best in the world. When I lived there we had delivery twice a day, every day! Don't know if this is still true but they were so efficient during my time in Taiwan. Thanks for pointing out something that most foreigners who haven't been to Taiwan are aware of, it's a safe and friendly place to visit! P.S. New subscriber as I appreciate your honesty and objectivity. Keep up the excellent work!

  10. Peggy Li

    外國人討論台灣安全性的影片很多,Nathan 的內容算是最完整且客觀的

  11. 洪麗華

    Sarcastic enough, Sun yet-sen urged Taiwan and Korea both should become a country respectively all his life, while after world war 2 , Chiang kai-shek fled to Taiwan, and told Taiwanese Sun yet-sen was their founding father. Sun yet-sen did come to Taiwan for collecting money and asking for prostitution. He couldn't communicate with the waitress verbally, so he gave the waitress a piece of paper. It said ' are there flower girls to offer services ? ' (此地有花姑娘否?)

  12. Chun Chen

    Mason you have great experiences to share Taiwan current and past messages with audiences. Taiwanese is appreciated your support, and hope more tourists come taiwan for sightseeing, visiting or vacation Thank you , have great trips.

  13. K.H. Chen

    Lots of foreigners say traffic in Taiwan is terribly dangerous. I've been to North America and Europe for several times, but only for a short time. I didn't have enough time to really feel the daily life there. It's normal to me to look around before moving ahead even when it's green light. Having been living in Taiwan for nearly 40 years, I can't imagine how "safe" traffic could be. It must be wonderful.

  14. Chun Chen

    Sun Yet Sen didn't live Taiwan one day, he is NOT father of Taiwanese。
    Chinese supremacists and Haughty nature plays dirty political tricks scheme with faked up perjury documents. DISTORTED history of Taiwan country
    400 yrs ago Formosa Island residence only Native Islanders purely. Especially large ethnic of Polynesian lIves Taiwan since 120000 yrs ago, that is true ancestors of Taiwanese. According to the international human history research studies proved and reported.
    400 yrs later Formosa history : http://www.TAIWANdc org click on Taiwan History
    STOP Chinese DISTORTED history of Taiwan country.

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