What to Eat at Taiwan's Most Famous Night Market — Travel Eat Repeat

Season two of ‘Travel, Eat, Repeat’ begins with a food crawl through Taiwan’s night markets, where host Iz Harris (See her YouTube channel here and her family try stinky tofu, pork pepper buns, scallion pancakes, and more. Check out Eater’s guide to Taipei here:

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20 Replies to “What to Eat at Taiwan's Most Famous Night Market — Travel Eat Repeat”

  1. Iz Harris

    Thank you so much for watching the first of FOUR episodes to come! Taiwan was full of must-sees, -eats, and -dos and we did our best to capture as much of that as possible. I hope you love it!

  2. Craig Wang

    It is so true that you don't think when you are eating stincky tofu. Having it just like normal food, not challenging its smell will be the key point.
    We Taiwaness got used to the smell of the stincky tofu. But, it dose not mean that the first smell or the first bite of our life were all enjoyable.

  3. Dann Chen

    As I say, stinky tofu is an acquired taste I DO NOT need to acquire. The smell is overwhelming enough as it is. The flavor? I'll pass. Hey, just cuz I'm Taiwanese doesn't mean I have to like it. You were very brave to try it. But at least you can say that you've tried it. Now I'm sure there will be those who say you need to try the deep fried version now. That it's much better. I'll pass. lol. Hope you enjoyed Taiwan!

  4. John Quach

    The night markets in Taiwan are so lively and amazing! Love the atmosphere, the smells, and all the food there when I went. Awesome to see you guys back on your next adventure!~

  5. Nai-Cheng Yang

    As a native Taipei City citizen, welcome to Taiwan Iz and Johnny! I hope you do enjoy all the love and the good food we have to provide, and hope you like our friendly hospitality here. Can't wait for the episodes to come!!

    Thanks for coming!

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