Day1 #6 Taipei, TAIWAN Travel, 타이베이, 대만 여행 숙소, 대만음식, 날씨등 Tips, Hostel, Foods, Weather, Restroom etc

대만 2박3일 머물 숙소
대만 음식, 기후, 옷차림, 화장실 찾기 등 소소한 이야기들을 영상으로 만들었습니다
대만 여행가시는 분들 참고하실 경험도 담았습니다

닭고기 덮밥 만드는 법 출처
: 好吃雞肉飯(Chicken rice)

This video shows accommodation, Taiwanese food, weather, restroom, etc.

Some 7-ELEVEN offer free restroom (STARBUCKS, MOS BURGER)
You want to go to the restroom. 想去洗手间。(xiang qu xi shou jian) Pls do Say
If you don’t like the Cilantro ,不要放香菜。(buyao fang xiang-cai ) Please do say
If you’re sensitive to noise or smoke, Be careful.(Kingdom of the Motorcycle)
Earplugs and Mask
High Temperature and Humidity
keeping in good shape Do not drink tap water
Make your make-up simple, No Perfume
Mosquito repellents in Chinese 驱蚊剂 qūwénjì
Mosquito repellents, selling at CVS, Pharmacies
Umbrella or Raincoat in your bag AnyTime

촬영 장비 : 삼성 갤럭시 S5 스마트폰
편집 및 작성 프로그램 : MS POWER POINT 2019
Filming Equipment: Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

Action Claps and Drums – Music Standard License

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taiwan travel

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