Flying into TAIPEI AIRPORT! Taiwan Travel Vlog and Apartment tour!

Flying into Taipei Airport after a full day of travel to Taiwan. We give a Taipei Apartment tour and share our first day in Taipei Taiwan.

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20 Replies to “Flying into TAIPEI AIRPORT! Taiwan Travel Vlog and Apartment tour!”

  1. Chih-Chin Yang

    Tourism big business,you can do tour guide traveling both sites.
    Taiwan has been serving the best medical care and cost saving. that's good point.

  2. Trekker G

    Just wanted to say I came across this video on Taipei because I will be visiting there in October for a week. Really enjoyed this one so I started watching your other videos, they were awewome and really helpful.

  3. Reformatt Show

    darn it, I want to go back to Taiwan so badly, it is one of the best countries I've ever visited. did you guys checkout the ATT4FUN district?

  4. Morris Chang

    Most restaurants in Taipei (or Taiwan) don't serve water from the tap (or at least it's filtered). However, Taiwan's tap water has one of the highest level of filtering and standard in the area, so it is safe to drink from the data, but not a lot of people do so. 😛

  5. Porco Rosso

    interesting that they lifted the TV up, but kept the mattress on the floor.

    … … …

    I would have put both up or down… but that's just me.

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