Taipei, Taiwan – Travel Guide

This is a latest video from my Taipei visit. Please pardon the background sounds. I didn’t muted audio intentionally. You can click on timestamps to jump between places in the video.

Places covered in this video [Table of Contents]
o National Palace Museum – 00:05
o Beitou Hot Spring Museum – 01:24
o Beitou Hot Spring – 07:44
o Shiling Night Market – 11:09
o National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine – 14:12
o Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall – 30:02
o Taipei Zoo – 33:25
o 101 Observatory – 39:30
o Taroko National Park – 47:29, 01:00:27, 01:14:09
o Shakadang River Trail – Taroko National Park – 54:16
o Swallow Grotto – Taroko National Park – 01:01:44
o Yehliu Geological Park – 01:17:03
o Nanya Rock Formations – 01:24:06
o Maokong Gondola – 01:25:36

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