Okinawa trip with my Taiwanese Wife | Travel Tips | 與台灣老婆遊沖繩

Hey guys, this is Simon from Shanghai Again. This is just another average travel vlog from an average Chinese guy. Recently, we went to Okinawa for about 5 days. In the video, I have also included some travel tips. Thank you so much for everyone’s love and support. 🙂


Okinawa tirp,taiwan,台灣

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15 Replies to “Okinawa trip with my Taiwanese Wife | Travel Tips | 與台灣老婆遊沖繩”

  1. Kevin Fleming

    Hi Simon – great video. You are becoming a YouTube pro 🙂 We are traveling to Japan from the U.S. for the first time in September and looking forward to trying out a capsule hotel for a night while there – seems like something you need to do at least once!

  2. Tim O'donnell

    Nice video Simon 👍👍 I think public transport seems to be very limited and expensive in general in small towns or Islands. That was good you both visit the war memorial. It's always important to reflect at such shrines and you always realise that war is never the answer, but it's our world leaders who manipulate that and it's always for selfish means

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