Are Singaporeans Smart Travellers?

Do you still think you are a smart traveller after watching this episode of Do It For The Money?

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50 Replies to “Are Singaporeans Smart Travellers?”

  1. Rubes Charles Leong

    The girl from 5:27 was actually right. You can bring up to 1L of liquids but the maximum size of each bottle can only be 100ml or less. And all the bottles/containers would all also have to fit into 1 ziplock bag. So, technically she's right? Unless the question was rephrased into: "How many ml of liquids can you bring in one bottle/container or what is the maximum size of bottle/container that can contain liquids?".

  2. Edwinlgx

    So noisy the way he host, I wonder why deekosh always like to shout so much…. why can’t he just host nicely without shouting. Rip to those watching this video on earpiece.

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