Does Taiwan Belong to China?

We answer a question that many are afraid to touch upon. Taiwan, the Republic of China is claimed by the PRC, the People’s Republic of China.

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Episode 1 – Hypocrisy

Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

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23 Replies to “Does Taiwan Belong to China?”

  1. kongming2005

    This no hair guy is as usual… a hypocrites and idiot. Thinking that he knows so much but actual fact he knows no shit. Looking at him will me make puke. In fact not just him, most of you hypocrites white are similar with donald trump the best idiot

  2. fuckoffyou

    In time China with communism will fail against the internet. Communism simply can't exist when there is freedom of information and truth in the world around it.
    Let's just hope that the resulting civil war in China doesn't bring about WW3.

  3. Hot Chen

    Which idiot asked this idiot question?Why not ask does Texas belong to USA?Is Lincoln a national hero or a great killer?Taiwan is part of China,Nobody in the world has the ability to question it no matter You like or not.

  4. Zai Zai

    Those Chinese who think Taiwan belongs to them are crazy beyond believe. Mao Zedong has never set his foot on the soil of Taiwan. Netherlands and Japan have ruled Taiwan, but People’s Republic of China has never ruled Taiwan.

  5. khoo boo beng

    Does Taiwan belong to China? Why not. What is the island doing there if not? If not China's island. Whose? The American blocked China from taking Taiwan in 1949 and China let the corrupted Chinese a leeway to escape and die there for a good generation. . It had enough of fighting and killing in the 40's. . It did not finished the job in 1949 but will do so eventually. Practically all China people will go to war to take back Taiwan. Does all Taiwan people want to go to war with China?. 20 million people pit against 1.4 billion people? A joker war? Will US support Taiwan with its fire power in China's backyard? How will China respond when its own backyard is attacked by foreign power?.. Who are the main loser in this war. Taiwan? Make peace and rightful unification is a better solution. Don't you think so? And not through separation and division.

  6. RatedPG

    In the 1980s Taiwan built its foreign relations based on hard cash diplomacy. It would "purchase" diplomatic relations and get formal recognition from small 3rd world countries in much the same way China is doing now, but the latter on a much larger scale. As a result, Taiwan's foreign relations with all its banana republics were always fragile, yet its domestic, commercial, and cultural successes continued to grow.

  7. PRCseparatedChina Taiwan

    I am a Taiwanese and I believe China has alot of money, food, view or whatever BUT that doesn't make Taiwan a part of communist China. You don't be part of something just because they are great. You be part of something when you find common ground which is the most important. China is communist and Taiwan is not. Even though China said they are not communist.
    We are just like North Korea and South Korea. But S.Korea doesn't kick N.Korea out of UN. S.Korea doesn't even force N.Korea to reunite. They just live separate because they are different.
    If China looks at Taiwan like how S.Korea looks at N.Korea there wouldn't be much problem. We are sisters and brothers but we don't have to unite. BUT China is not, it's full of aggression to take Taiwan. Greedy….. by the way…. Taiwanese don't trust the communist. They say one thing and the next day they just changed the whole thing. We have seen enough from Hong Kong.

  8. misterjag

    The brunt of the resistance against the Japanese invaders was borne by the Nationalists led by Chiang Kai-shek. Mao and the Communists were virtually a non-factor.

  9. Nephilim Research

    That turn around was epic in the end. 😊🙏You guys are great. Safe travel and hod bless you guys and family. Thanks for all the great work you to tell about China. It comes so handy when I work as a guide all day for Chinese tourists in Norway. They are so happy people, most of them, maybe not so much from Shanghai but I love caring and give them a good time here. Have a great weekend. 🧡💚

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