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Here’s a special travel diary from Taiwan, produced in cooperation with Traveloka. I was recently given the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and experience its unique and colorful culture. Together with Joni, I visited so many pretty places around Taipei, Shifen, Jiufen and more. We got to see the famous Taipei 101, Yehliu Geopark, Shilin night market plus the beautiful flower farms around Yangmingshan.

I am so proud to share this memorable experience with you all.


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40 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Diary | Camille Co”

  1. Betty Cheng

    hello Camille, in case you don't know, im spreading the good news for Philippine travelers entering Taiwan you guys can enjoy extended visa-free until July 31, 2020 This announcement was made by the government of ROC🇹🇼 on July 2, 2019 to build stronger bilateral relations between the two countries .. Hoping the Philippine government will reciprocate the goodwill of ROC and grant ROC passport holders the same visa-free treatment especially to us Hua Chiaos 🙋‍♀ missing 🇵🇭

  2. Betty Cheng

    hi Camille, im 華僑 Hua Chiao or Huaqiao(all same) living in Taipei city close to 101, so happy to see ur vlog.. this was done so professionally (well for all I've watched they're all amazing) and ur getting more beautiful each time .. i love watching both you and dyowa are cuties, perfect match! 新婚快樂!白頭偕老!早生貴子! thanks alot for sharing ur interesting vlogs and im always excited to watch you, it's so inspiring and makes me happy 🍾

  3. Marhiz Medalla

    I love Taiwan and I love the way you showed us the best spots and shared tips to explore this country. Best of all, the shots of you and Joni are amazing! 😍😍😍

  4. aaehlt ooo

    Me after watching this
    *contacts travelokaph
    I hope I can travel around the world soon, also help those who are in need, do something worthy for my country, save animals, continue my hobbies photography and drawing. Enjoy and appreciate life as it is and aspire to be the best version of myself.

    I really look up to people like Tita Camille Co Koro and Heart Evangelista Escudero. You're both my favourite idols out there.

  5. R San Pedro

    Cams am so happy you posted coz I am currently in Taipei. Watched your blog with Laureen and then bloggerjowas na maulan. Fortunately this time swineswerte ako ulan pag nakabalik na sa hotel. Is the flower field at Taichung?


    I went there with my sisters few days ago and yes Taiwan has a little bit of something for everyone. Also, prepare your comfy shoes for walking. This video showed me that despite a gloomy weather, you can still find calmness if you just change your perspective- which can be related to real life scenarios. I love you ate Camille! Can't wait for 150K! 💖💖

  7. Christian Pasos

    Travel with someone you love. Wearing your best OOTD's and enjoying the life is awesome. I will do it soon. Yay! So happy for you Mamsh Cams 💖💖💖

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