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Visiting Taipei, it has drawn much similarities between the country where I was born in, Singapore. From the high rise skyscrapers to the busy streets and futuristic architecture design it was an eye opening to see how much the country has grown. On top of that, nostalgic places still well kept despite the influx of tourist in these popular tourist destinations within the country. Similarly the local culture and food kept original and authentic.

Recently, I’ve been realising that just capturing the beauty of a place isn’t enough. I have to shoot for a reason, there must be something I wanted to tell. Editing this piece wasn’t easy, with the new mindset of having to incorporate storytelling and not just editing basic montage visuals. It took days trying to link between scenes and refining it to try to get out of a montage edit without a story. With this realisation, I reflect on my pass films and Chase Series, telling myself that wasn’t good enough. With a new mindset, and style I hope to “level up” the next few Chase Series travels films.

May Day in Taipei
By Wong Jin Cheng (IG. @AkuDuckie)

Music “Late Nights” by Odesza |

Shot on
Main Camera: Sony A6500
Main Lens: Tamron 28-75 F2.8
Main Gimbal: Feiyu A2000

Edited on
Premiere Pro CC 2018

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