Life of Wan: Taiwan House Tour

A glimpse into where I live in Taiwan.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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24 Replies to “Life of Wan: Taiwan House Tour”

  1. Lalimarie Bhagwani

    This will forever be one of my favorite videos in your channel. I ended up watching all of your Taiwan videos as part of my Taiwan withdrawal period after my trip last July 2018. I was amazed in seeing that rooftop garden!!! You've had other videos since I started watching your Taiwan videos that I've truly enjoyed such as your episode on your favorite snacks, your bag episode, your skin care routine and a whole lot more. Keep up the amazing work. #NewYearNewWan

  2. Judessa Orolfo

    This one is my favorite because aside from your humor the sound of Pluto is very catchy that made my boyfriend watched this also and laughed because I watched this thru a speaker and He repeatedly played it and told me that my breathing is the same every time He pushes me to work out. Lol 🤣🤭😂 #NewYearNewWan

  3. Kathleen Benavidez

    #NewYearNewWan This is my favorite video on your blog because this is when I first saw you speak Mandarin! I love how you shared your Taiwan home with us. It felt so intimate, as if we’re visitors you welcomed inside your home and introduced to your family. Pluto and your Amah are so cute! Happy New Year, Winnie! 😊

  4. Meong Delante

    I haven’t finished all of your videos yet, but you’re my favorite now. Thank you for such an amazing content especially the emphasis on being eco friendly. It’s almost a year now since I ditched plastic bottles. ❤️

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