為什麼外國人喜歡來台灣?Why Do Foreigners Choose Taiwan?

[有字幕] 為什麼外國人喜歡來台灣?Why do so many people choose to come to Taiwan?

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38 Replies to “為什麼外國人喜歡來台灣?Why Do Foreigners Choose Taiwan?”

  1. 詹麒衛


  2. gaylord mcgillicuddy

    Low cost of living vs fairly high standard of living.
    Good healthcare.
    Great public transportation if you're sticking to the west coast (and still pretty ok transportation in the mountains and east coast).
    Warm year-round.
    Plus it compares favorably with other Asian countries.
    – China's government and sense of nationalism is a turnoff for a lot of people. Cambodia/Vietnam/Thailand are nice, but the pay is shit. South Korea's weather sucks and there's a lot of anti-foreign sentiment.
    That leaves TW and Japan, and even though the money for ESL in Japan is a bit higher, the cost of living is MUCH higher.

  3. Stephanie Trembath

    I travelled to Taiwan all by myself in march 2019 it was very safe travelling solo…. I felt more safe than in Australia! <3 Taiwan great video I wanna live there haha

  4. Carol


  5. 謝千棋


  6. 宗勳楊

    謝謝您 喜歡台灣~
    台灣 就是「方便」

  7. Richard

    I think there are also other reasons why non-Chinese (and in particular westerners) will find life in Taiwan very comfortable. 1. You mentioned the plethora of food, but there’s also a lot of western food chains: Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, TGIFs, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Dunkin Donuts and more. Then there are imitations: Mister Donut and Moes Burgers. All to satisfy those late night cravings. Then there’s transportation like the MRT which is English. Every stop and every sign is in English. Highway signs are in English. Most young people speak English (albeit not fluent). TV has quite a few channels that are in English. It’s a very well developed country. Condominiums and apartments built in last 30 years are also very modern. These are just some of the additional reasons that basically say to non Chinese “Welcome to Taiwan!”

  8. samwei1950

    Great vid indeed,actually there are many foreigners love to visit and stay at eastern Taiwan than Taipei for more relaxing life style,suggest you can try next time my friend.

  9. Theargo Darkness

    Hey Nathan! Thanks for the videos. I'm coming to Taiwan through the Fulbright program next Tuesday. I'll be teaching English in Yilan county. You have been very helpful with all your tips and advice. I'd love to have the opportunity to meet you sometime if you're ever around Yilan!

  10. gianni


  11. revery age

    Taiwan has a feature
    Keep a safe distance between people
    People and people do not affect each other
    Taiwanese have privacy!Can't affect others
    must ask each other before you action ,
    Plus please, thank you, sorry.or excuse me Is basic Taiwan courtesy
    Can't spread error messages
    Even unintentional, can also be sentenced
    People must be polite
    Otherwise, the other party has the power to reject and correct
    Taiwan has many details
    ~I like and I love ~ is very different in Taiwan.
    People who don’t know usually say that they like it.
    only familiar people can talk in depth and say love

  12. 黃子軒

    謝謝您! 我越來越以身為台灣人為榮! 只是 美好的台灣 受到的關注 為什麼比不上北韓呢? 或中國呢? 規矩的國家受到的對代反而不如這些壞國家!….

  13. 蜜亞mia hu


  14. 沈志達


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