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  1. Feliks Gailitis

    I lived in Tainan for two years, 5 months in Hualien, and traveled to every other part of Taiwan, and it remains one of my favorite places in the world.

  2. Robert Chauval

    I love Taiwan.. Ive been going there since the mid 1990s and the people are really friendly and easy going and cultured. I never not once felt unsafe (unlike on the mainland where you gotta watch your back and your property always). Its NOTHING at all like the mainland (Ive lived there for several years and had a mainland wife also) in fact its got a Japanese kinda buzz going on. The mix of modern and very traditional (not fake and put on for the show – its real) is fantastic.. If I was going to live in Asia again it would be here.

  3. jtomasik

    On my last trip to Taiwan, I went to Hualien, where there are quite a few aborigines. We went cliff diving with these guys, and they were crazy athletic. They told us they still hunt wild boar with spears for tradition….and I can believe it. These guys were right at home in those mountains. Then we went drinking with a few of them…big mistake. They torched us. But, they were so cool….they took me and my buddy back to the hotel, safe and sound (like every taiwanese has ever treated me).

  4. Doug's Curioustraveler

    one more quick question….can you tell me which place you went to for the hot springs in Wulai? that looks amazing and I want to go there as soon as I get to Taipei.   

  5. Doug's Curioustraveler

    People can be so rude on comments! Thanks so much for this video…I will be going in a week and looking for a really nature escape that is not too touristy…any suggestions? Good job on this!!

  6. Emily Jang

    Rudy sow. Are you serious? Why is there no Japanese characters?? This is TAIWAN. Not japan. Of course there is no Japanese characters. Plus. Japanese character came from Chinese characters.

  7. MetalPCer

    No no no. This is so wrong. Many countries invaded Taiwan for many centuries. Holland, Portugal, China, Japan etc. They took this small island and nearly destroyed the native Hokkien language that was spoken long before by the Taiwanese than the invaders.

    Taiwan unfortunately suffers a depressing history. Japan was very evil in WW2 that they controlled all of Asia stretching to the south to India.
    Today, all japanese schools lie severely to students and paints Japan an "innocent" country. SMH

  8. MetalPCer

    Great video. I've been to this country twice and I love the technology computex event in nangang held every year, the skateboarders I met and skated, and the live music rock and metal bands I filmed.
    I filmed everything and traveled to about 10 cities. I vote Kaosiung my favorite big city in the south.
    Taiwan <3

  9. Rudy Sow

    Francis Chan, Yes, Japan used to leave Taiwan in WW2, but after that, people in Taiwan asked Japanese gov to take over taiwan again. Because of the mercy of Japanese, Japan decided to take Taiwan as part of it's area. Now the proof is that people in Taiwan are Japanese, they speak japanese and everyone has japanese surname. Taiwan may not be a real country, but the people are the real Japaese, it's like Australian and England are just the same British Blood

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