STRANDED IN MANILA AIRPORT 😞 | Philippines Travel Vlog 111, 2018 | Flight to Taipei Taiwan

Lucky Manila Airport has the Sky Lounge in departure! Our flight from Manila to Taipei Taiwan was delayed a loooooong time ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

Maybe it was a sign not to leave the Philippines or Manila, which we’re actually really sad about. The Philippine is genuinely one of our favourite places in the world and we will be back in 2018 to travel more and vlog!

Today we travel to Taipei. Normally from Manila or the Philippines to Taiwan is a painless 2 hour flight, thats assuming no delays at the airport… but we seemed to hit hurdles all the way along haha. Like the rest of our travel experiences and a few in Boracay and Palawan, just gotta make the most of what you have and smile through it!

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39 Replies to “STRANDED IN MANILA AIRPORT 😞 | Philippines Travel Vlog 111, 2018 | Flight to Taipei Taiwan”

  1. Gian Franco Pangan

    Please go to Masbate. and try the Paraiso de Palani beach. as well as Buntod Reef which is an island sand bar in the middle of the sea. Palani is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches I've ever seen, not much people as well, you'll be lucky to see at least 20 people there. so many untouched beaches in there and the local food there is amazing especially the seafood.

  2. Mariel Sollano

    I just recently stumbled on ur vlog and now im obsessed! Im from philippines and been living in new zealand for 5 years now:)

    Love how simple yet very interesting ur vlog is. Keep it up guys!

  3. Matt Obra

    Yeah, Philippines is one of the worst when it comes to airports, I remember, me and my colleagues lost our jobs because we got delayed for 16 hours in NAIA terminal 1. And to make it much worse their staff have trash personalities. I'm so ashamed to hear that even foreigners can experience this things in this trash country that we have.

  4. dranreb zeravla

    Nxt tym u come back to PH, pls explore the northern parts of Luzon. Watched all ur PH vids esp the island hoppings, and love it. Enjoy ur nxt adventure! Visit Korea too🤗🤗🤗

  5. Chester Chanco

    Hi when you bought the sim pack do they accept credit/debit cards or cash only? Did you book them at Klook or you do walk in? Lastly where is it located to be specific in Terminal 1? Will be going to Taipei next week. Thanks

  6. Raul Peixoto

    First comment on your vlogs! You are absolutely right when you say it looks like Japan (more than Singapore, actually). Taiwan is much more similar to Japan than China. Nevertheless, since you guys are in the region, you should definitely try to visit Shenzhen, China (can even take the subway from HK). You will definitely love it there, and it's just so cheap 🙂 Google it guys, and keep travelling! We will also start our couple's nomad adventure in southeast asia towards the end of the year, so perhaps our paths may cross somewhere.

  7. Alex B

    I first came across your vlog a few months back. It was your first trip to the PH and Dane, you banged your head against the wall or furniture. I think it healed nicely. I've seen your other videos Vietnam and Malaysia, your easy manner and sense of humour makes your vlog easy to digest. Esp being stranded at NAIA! Lots of beer can help ease the pain. Safe traveling.

  8. marco antonio m. lina

    Thnks for sharing the beauty of our country specially the people…i’m a Filipino living in New Zealand can’t wait to go back home for a holiday..I love the blog…keep it coming…Cheers Mate!!!!👍👍👍

  9. aussie 00

    im a bit late watching im leaving thailand im of to cambodia to live for a while what do you do for mobil coverage do you get a new sim each time ?

  10. justME elnab sabino

    I will continue to follow you guys, wherever you go. ✈️Cause following you both 👫here in youtube makes me see the other side of the world🌏. I hope I can go to the places that you’ve been through. 👌 someday 👆🙏

  11. Travellers Relish

    Unlimited beer then stacey's eyes light up 😂you guys are hilarious even with all the delays.
    I saw the jumpers on you and thought they are leaving for sure

  12. Mark Taylor

    Getting stranded in an airport for many hours sucks……. Ahhh Taiwan … Really fond memories I had in back in 2010. I have to agree that Taipei , is a real pretty cool place and it's not as expensive compare to South Korea , Japan, Hongkong ,Singapore…. ….. Infrastructure is good and lot of English signs as well. Good tasty food , friendly people as well….Quite a few places of worth checking out………… i.) Chiang kai Shek Memorial Hall
    ii.) Taipei 101 iii.) Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf iv.)Ximending Shopping District
    v.) Shinlin Night Market….. One of the things i didn't had the chance to do was visiting the Museums .( Taipei has couple of really good museums.) anyway, I'm pretty excited where you guys will take us next…. Taiwanese Streetfood is the way to go.. but for now .You guys really need to catch up with lotsa of sleep and fluids as well….Cheers mates!!!

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