Taipei City Government creates ten new travel itineraries for in-depth exploration

With Taipei turning into an increasingly popular destination in Asia, local tourism authorities have been targeting tourists who prefer to explore cities in-depth. Now, The Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism has unveiled ten new travel itineraries which highlight Taipei’s unique nuances and local color. The DJ at a city government press conference plays a mix evoking scenes from around Taipei. Now, travelers to Taipei have even more ways to experience the city than before. Chien Yu-yenTaipei City Tourism Commissioner These days, if you go to Dadaocheng, The Red House and Ximending on a holiday, it’s all backpackers dragging luggage. So we have started looking for guides with in-depth knowledge who can design different itineraries. The Department of Information and Tourism is promoting in-depth tours that let foreign travelers experience Taipei’s old city, cultural monuments and the charm of its traditional cuisine. Lo Wen-chiaShuiniu Bookstore ManagerIn the past few years, I have seen many people associated with (Taipei travel) write their own books or act as guides. I have seen government agencies also willing to invest time and resources into unearthing this city’s rich heritage. I think this is a good direction. By promoting tourist routes with different themes, the Department of Information and Tourism hopes to let travelers follow in the footsteps of locals and discover for themselves the many faces of Taiwan’s capital, Taipei.

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