Taiwan Travel Guide Vlog Day 1 – Zhong Xiao Night Market (忠孝夜市) @ Taichung (台中) | 台湾旅游

Date: 1 Dec 2018
Location: 忠孝夜市 @台中

Visited Zhongxiao Night Market on our first night in Taiwan. Unlike the other night markets, the streets are not cordoned off hence you have to keep a look out for motorbikes and vehicles while exploring your food options.

We tried out various food/drinks from some of the popular stalls like 徐徐大姊炸香香, 正老牌麵線糊 & 臭豆腐, 沙茶魷魚焿, 阿義紅茶冰, 茗陽甘蔗牛奶大王



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