#1 Taiwan vlog / Exploring Taipei and taking the wrong bus.

Taiwan Vlog day 1, Riley and I arrived in Taipei and had a few hours to explore before we were supposed to meet up with our couchsurfing host. the bus took us an hour and a half away from the city to yehliu geopark, which was absolutely chock full of tourists, or at least the first 100 meters was. We were definitely going to be late meeting our host, so we decided to go further in this geopark, so we ran through the ran and away from the tourists and found some amazing views and beautiful nature. Taipei is the biggest city in taiwan and somehow we found ourselves in what felt like remote nature on our first day there. We headed back to the city on the bus and met our host ChiaHao, We quickly became friends, bonding over the fact that we are all filmmakers. He brought us to a local restaurant and we ate taiwanese dumplings, soup, and other local cuisines till we were full. Riley and I lucked out when ChiaHao invited us over to his friends house who was having a small party, They taught us how to play Mahjong, how to count to 9, and we swapped stories. We ended up staying on ChiaHaos roof, me in a small room and riley in his hammock tent.
This all happened in just one day… and we have plenty more days to come!
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