Beijing to stop issuing individual travel permits to Taiwan

China will stop issuing individual travel permits for its people to visit Taiwan from August 1. Previously, residents from 47 Chinese cities could apply for permits to visit Taiwan on their own, instead of visiting on group tours. That leeway has now been revoked. China’s latest move might be a blow to Taiwan’s tourism sector, and it comes as Taiwan prepares to hold presidential elections in January 2020.

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19 Replies to “Beijing to stop issuing individual travel permits to Taiwan”

  1. On Guard

    Canada should have done the same thing to China the minute they kidnapped the 2 Canadians in retaliation for arresting Meng Wanzhou! …or at least treat them like tourists to China are treated. Have them go to local police station and register! If they change hotels they must go to the police again to register within 24hrs. Make it as uncomfortable for them as they do for tourists to China!

  2. Zsari Maxim

    Beijing don't care about the election on the island. They are now finally decided to stop feeding the island. Tourist restriction is only the first step.

  3. 漢仔

    Taiwan and Hongkong once was the Chinese world's pearl. Once they took up populism democracy, both places has governed with this system to their fullest shitty potential, even better than that hegmon and Canada. 24/7 chaos all day by pampered citizens. Give them a chance to impress China with their stupid models , yet both had done it to their worst. Economy and everything had gone backwards. The most absurd thing, these two had to stick to China like parasites , yet are throwing tantrums day in day out. Serve them right! Hope Tsai win again so she could bring Taiwan to a different lvl.(Just kidding) Whoever comes out matter little unless the whole system become overhauled.

  4. babicare emanuel

    I need your money but I don't want to be with you. Taiwan is buying weapons that cost billions of dollars, that would help poor Taiwanese, to harm China, why does it need tourists from mainland chinses? after all, Taiwanese is buying the weapons against MAINLAND Chinese, not CCP.
    TAIWESS, LIKE HKERS, SAY THey don't like whatever china AND ITS PEOPLE are. so why Taiwan cry, when china said, ok. you don't get mainland tourists money.
    the point is that china learns the trick from the USA. whatever country acts against the USA interest, the USA uses sanction to punish the country eg the USA against CUBA. any USA citizen is forbidden to visit Cuba. when china becomes bigger economically than it is now, they will use sanctions against any country that harms its interest in Taiwan,, as the USA does. the USA punish any country with a sanction if it makes business deals with North Korea and Iran.

  5. On Guard

    Thank you China! Taiwan should be happy. No more rude, pushy, obnoxious, condescending, entitled travelers from the Mainland messing up the environment and treating the Taiwanese as if they need Chinas tourism if they are to survive. Tourism from China is only 4% of their national income so they should have have no problem attracting better and more experienced travelers to their shores. Taiwan is a beautiful country and doesn’t need to be bothered by the locusts from the Mainland.

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