China Bans Citizens From Traveling To Taiwan As Individual Tourists | TIME

In its latest effort to increase pressure on Taiwan, Beijing said it will suspend a program that allowed individual tourists from 47 Chinese cities to travel to Taiwan, citing the current state of relations between the two sides.
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China Bans Citizens From Traveling To Taiwan As Individual Tourists | TIME

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26 Replies to “China Bans Citizens From Traveling To Taiwan As Individual Tourists | TIME”

  1. 14K Triad

    Chinese Mainlanders tourists spitting, defecating, and urinating in public are setting a bad stereotype for other Asians. Taiwan should be very happy that Chinese Mainlanders are not visiting their beautiful country .

  2. On Guard

    Of course it’s all meticulously laid out to ATTEMPT to hurt her during The Elections! I’m hoping the good people of Taiwan see this and vote her back in with a landslide number of votes!

  3. On Guard

    Thank you China! Taiwan should be happy. No more rude, pushy, obnoxious, condescending, entitled travelers from the Mainland messing up the environment and treating the Taiwanese as if they need Chinas tourism if they are to survive. Tourism from China is only 4% of their national income so they should have have no problem attracting better and more experienced travelers to their shores. Taiwan is a beautiful country and doesn’t need to be bothered by the locusts from the Mainland.

  4. Simon Liang

    Nothing wrong with banning travel. Nations do it all the time. Would you rather it be an invasion instead? Yall be hating on the chinese tourists anyways.

  5. Polly Monopoly

    If you think I’m going to take the time to sit here and give up everything else I’m doing just to read all this crap you’re playing yourself. I might be eating or cooking or doing whatever. Hire a narrator or watch your business go down. This is 2019. Probably explains the dismal view count.

  6. FMF Forsyth

    HEY! Hong Kong this is the beginning of the end…China sees you as the spoiled brats that your are, and they are gearing up to step in like back in 1989. Your little paper left over by the UK will not protect you, and no one is coming to help you…Keep it up and your gonna end up waking up in a re-education camp some where deep inside China… China will only every change from the inside out…

  7. CJ Giordano

    Aggressive annexation! China is trying to aggressively annex Taiwan! Yet Europe doesn’t give a darn about it because they greedily desire Chinese Investments and Tech China stole from other countries! Europe doesn’t know that the Chinese most likely have ulterior motives behind this! Nationalism, aggressive annexation, and treatment of Uighurs and Falun Gong Practitioners, I believe that, this is my opinion, that China may be leaning toward Fascism.

  8. Sol

    Taiwan is the REAL CHINA not these communist-russian imposters still occupying the mainland. PROC WILL FALL. THE ROC WILL RETURN. AMERICA STANDS WITH THE "REPUBLIC OF CHINA".

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