China to halt solo travel to Taiwan over rising cross-strait tensions

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China will stop issuing individual travel permits for Taiwan from August 1, 2019, citing the state of ties between the mainland and the self-governed island.

The new rule applies to Chinese citizens in 47 mainland cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen. Mainland tourists will still be able to travel to Taiwan, but only in groups.

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49 Replies to “China to halt solo travel to Taiwan over rising cross-strait tensions”

  1. Sean

    Maybe ironically, it may increase the tourism as now, they need to travel there in pairs or groups. Solo travellers also tend to spend less. Work related travels may be affected though.

  2. 鄧Deng

    当初准备开47个城市自由行的时候 可没听到感激大陆政府的话。现在因为一些原因 把它停掉了,一些台湾人开始坐不住了。

  3. clarice tat

    This action reminds me of the primary school days & everyone played with pog toys, marbles etc etc & the principal was not happy with its popularity so the toy/s was banned…

  4. Wav Wa

    both same shiity government. one communist, the other one are coward using US for profit. Trump should ban all asia country for exploiting US technology and company. MAGA

  5. Larry Thao

    This is another garbage trash china is doing to take away china people rights to visit countries like Taiwan shame on china no freedom at all

  6. 一张

    Doesn't anyone know that now, about two million Taiwanese work, travel and live in mainland China? The mainland has convenient measures for Taiwanese to encourage them to come here. However, the Taiwanese government does not even allow mainland students studying in Taiwan to work to earn money…

  7. Christian Knight

    Look at these CCP 50 cent army SHlTs here what they love and hate

    They love:

    They Hate:
    South Korea
    Philippines 50/50 since President Duterte sold his countrymen to Chinese CCP companies

  8. J Lo

    China really makes enemies of most of it's neighbour's if not all. China is a bully. They know what impact they can do economically with their huge and spender population and they are taking advantage of it. Either or both, they ban tourism or they ban goods/ products.. they choose. They flex their growing military power too by sea and land grabbing and steal/ hack creatives, information and technology. They also prey on weaker and poor countries. They are polluters and destroy/ deplete nature. I have summed it all up. Thank you : )

  9. pineapplesareyummy

    For the sake of the well being of their people, I hope they have the sense to give English Tsai/Cai the boot! By all accounts, she has run Taiwan's economy into the ground, and she is taking the island to a very dark place.

  10. Richard Yang

    Not so nice to Mainland cousins, then don't expect them to come and spend money. Same thing with Hong Kong. Chinese should boycott both if they disrespect Mainlanders.

  11. 阿勇胡说

    to be honest. China will take over Taiwan in next 5 years. I hope it is peaceful way. and in terms of taiwan, if you guys want to seperate from China (officially), do it now, time is definitely not on your side.

  12. On Guard

    Taiwan should hold a Mini-Olympics in 2022 so that nations that want to boycott the Beijing Olympics have somewhere to compete! Great idea eh!

  13. Jimmy Chan

    Just dont give any attention to zxcvbn, 林子倫, Joshua Xiong. They are mainly spreading fake and random negative and unlogic views on China all over this channel like a bot. No reason to care about that. Just downvote and ignore their comments in all possible way, and have a nice day forward, they are the people who are looking to live backwards. zxcvbn, 林子倫 and Joshua Xiong. Don't know where TK Baha went but they are certainly TK Baha 2.0

  14. Jian Li

    Taiwan Chinese are among the most unfriendly Chinese on earth, remember a few years ago, a Taiwan bus driver burns his bus with a few dozen Chinese on it to the death, The sick Cai women sent him a reward certificate and many Taiwan people even cursed the dead Chinese “Si A Lu” which mean “Go die Chinese”, how cruel and sick are there Taiwan worms with no basic humanitarian feelings at all.

  15. Reformat

    By not depending on tourism, Taiwan has managed to not have its environment, communities, local economies, and social fabric disrupted in the negative ways in which other countries such as Thailand have experienced.

  16. 斯圖帝卡


  17. Lumpy

    1.  Taiwan, believe me….you're better off without them.  Just think, cleaner streets and property, no spitting on the sidewalks by Wumaos, no more stealing authentic milk powders and chocolates, & more civil living.  2.  BUT…if a mainland Wumao wants to travel over to beautiful Taiwan, to experience true freedoms and how life is suppose to be lived, just find a 'travel partner' that wants to visit as well, then you can go as a 'couple'.  Duh!

  18. LI 12LIL

    Currently, Taiwan entry permits from the mainland must be issued through a designated travel agency and require a valid G visa. If Taiwan treats mainland tourists the same as Hong Kong and Macao, it can apply for an entry permit online. Transit from Hong Kong, this restriction is invalid.

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