3 DAYS in TAIPEI, TAIWAN Travel Vlog

A 3 day stay in Taipei, Taiwan from Tokyo. Eating our way through all the dumplings, night markets and exploring the nightlife.
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Whenever we’re in Tokyo, we always think of flying to Taiwan as you can get cheap flights. Our friend Bonnie was in Hong Kong, so we decided to meet up in Taipei.

Luckily we had our friend Steve who’s been living in Taiwan for quite a few years so he was able to show us around the city. We ate our way through a couple of the night markets in the evening, and wandered around the streets to photograph Taipei 101.

Places we visited:

Day One
Stayed at Taipei M Hotel
Shilin Night market

Day Two
Brunch at Dian Shui Lou 點水樓(懷寧店) – soup dumplings were good, but I’d definitely order the Shao mai soup dumplings (the prawn ones) and custard buns
Coffee at Mimosa Coffee & Tea
Drinks at Le Zinc 洛 Café & Bar

Day Three
Brunch at Heritage Bakery & Cafe
Refreshing Taiwanese drink at the bottom of the stairs near Xiangshan Trail/Elephant Mountain (解解渴有限公司)
Fuzhou Pepper Buns (pork pepper buns) – really enjoyed this!
Drinks at Fourplay – highly recommend! No menu – will make you a cocktail based on what sort of flavours you like sweet/sour/fruity etc..

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21 Replies to “3 DAYS in TAIPEI, TAIWAN Travel Vlog”

  1. DontLeaveMeLucile

    all three of you are fucking adorable. and I do not use that word often. it's so uplifting to see friends smiling and having fun. awesome as always.

  2. Sathya Dinanthi

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  3. #Expat Journeys!

    My husband and I been traveling all over the world. and several cruise. I never thought Vlogging are much more fun. You guys make it so easy and fun..Thank you. We are heading to Singapore next month. And we will make it fun

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