China to stop issuing individual permits for Taiwan travel

China has announced it will stop printing permits for individual citizens to travel to Taiwan. Beijing views the island as part of its territory, but Taiwan views itself as an independent country. Isaac Stone Fish, a CBSN contributor and a senior fellow at the Asia Society, joined CBSN to talk about the decision as well as the U.S. relationship with both governments.

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  1. Beach Guy

    Republic of China (Taiwan) wants to be independent from China (Mainland). However, neither US government no UN recognize Republic of China (Taiwan) as an independent country.

  2. Xiao Liu

    Will you pay the gang who colludes with foreigners to split yourself? Evil media always lies, crops and distorts the truth to the people. Where are your ten commandments?

  3. Drake Shattuck

    We need to provide a buffer to Hong Kong and Taiwan. In other words, stop supporting China's desire that we recognize all of what they control as " one country". We need to have a military presence near enough to send a message that military action would NOT be tolerated and there will be no Tiananmen Square event tolerated in either place. If we don't stand up now, we'll have to deal with it later. We let the middle east run amok and now what, can't be fixed. Difference is the vast majority of both populations would appreciate our help and their societies have far much more in common with our own.

  4. David Ho

    The CCP will definitely become the scourge of the world including the United States in the future .
    But it's really regrettable that a lot of western people don't have taken notice of this yet .
    They still foolishly believe Russia is the biggest threat , but nowadays Russia is nothing but nukes in reality all that even an idiot knows .

  5. vroque jordan

    All those horrible country's even United States too evil sick psychos European countries no love all these people think about is killing humans """keeping hummens in slavery horrible government's get out you're country's wake up people please

  6. Paul Robeson

    The Hong Kong protests are about a extradition law. Hong Kong doesn't extradite criminals back to the mainland. So the law would make extradition to the mainland possible. There are a few stipulations. 1. The law broken has to also be illegal in Hong Kong. 2. It has to be a crime you serve 7 or more years for in both Hong Kong and mainland China. The protests in Hong Kong is basically protecting criminals from facing prison time.

  7. GeoMisfit

    No, Trump was not "thinking outside the box" when he accepted a call from the Taiwanese President, he was just an ignorant fool, who didn't know any better. Because he doesn't read, or study, or prepare–intellectually–for anything.

  8. G00GLE MaiI User

    "After 1949 when Taiwanese lost the civil war …" For God sake Fish you'e suppose to be the expert and you can't even get the facts straight. It's the Nationalist, fled to the last piece of real estate they still control. Watching these 3 yelping on a place far away from home it's like watching three stooges showing you the proper way to use chopsticks.

  9. Lawrence Sullivan

    Taiwan was recognized as part of China by the Cairo Conference in 1943 and is so recognized by the vast majority of countries including the US as stated in the Shanghai Communique in 1972.

  10. David Ho

    中共 ( CCP )限制其人民對台灣自由行的原因及理由:



    當然,防止恰那人 ( Chinese )被台灣總統選舉的民主氣氛感染,並獲得香港人民爭民主運動的真實資訊,也是另外的原因啦!

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