China and Taiwan’s militaries duel

The Chinese government has banned all individual leisure travel from mainland China to Taiwan. Chinese nationals can now only visit Taiwan as business travelers or tour groups. The move comes amid mounting mutual hostility and military flexing. Both RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports for News.Views.Hughes.

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35 Replies to “China and Taiwan’s militaries duel”

  1. Blazing Dawn

    i would like to get some takes on people living in taiwan, because the arms sale was hugely unpopular and spending money they dont even have, on top of paying twice as much on an overpriced fighter jet as it is.

  2. Zx Az

    All China could do is use 10 very low yield nukes to destroy Taiwan military air bases. Just target the air bases or even put the foab on ballistic missiles

  3. Riyan886

    Hong kong and taiwan never want to be parts of mainland china. China is just another form of colonialization in this day. Hong kong and taiwan deserve their own independent due to their own citizens will. And china has to stop its dream of being accepted in both region. The fact, majority of HKers and Taiwanese reject ccp

  4. Frederick Burger

    Do Taiwan really think they can take on China. I don't know the solution to this problem but for Taiwan to do military drills and buying US weapons is not a wise choice.

  5. Larry Johnson

    Dictator XI and his FELLOW COMMUNIST MAFIA THUGS are Preventing the Chinese People from Touring Taiwan. BEIJING is LAUNCHING a ECONOMIC EMBARGO against Taiwan. Japan Korea Thailand Vietnam America Britain Canada must SUPPORT Taiwan from COMMUNIST CHINA AGGRESSION against a INDEPENDENT NATION.

  6. Pavor

    Taiwan doesnt have a military, they have America cause sheet in a place where they have no placing causing sheet. The world may need a World Police, but to assume that those Police should be a bunch of regressive arms dealers and liars is absurd. The USA in not, nor will it ever be, the moral authority over the species. When they are our species races towards extinction, as you can see from the decades following wwII.

  7. Steven Huang

    respond to all westerners: u will see our determination and how much we sacrifies for big unity of china. i see no reason and willingness us will fight for taiwan especially at the door of be honest, us cant beat china in east asia and south china sea. we r well-prepared in military and phsychologically. unite, the great china…

  8. Yerris

    1:20 Taiwan is not a country…It never was. Their own government, Republic of China, sat on the UN as the country called China, and still this day, still claims to be the country called China. Its written very clearly in their constitution.

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