First day in Taiwan/visiting attractions in Taipei for a day!

Hi guys it looks like my first vlog will be in Taipei the capital of Taiwan where I am originally from. Therefore I will be showing you some of the main attractions in Taipei including chiang kai shek memorial hall ,liberty square,Da-an park and shida night market. which are all really well known in Taipei and is really worth visiting.

Also I am only here in Taipei for 30 days so I can only make a couple of videos, however I will definitely try to cover all the main tourist sites that are worth visiting. for example I am making another video on Taipei 101 and some other sites next week so please stay tuned to the channel, thanks!

if you’re new to the channel I am warren, I live in the UK and in the future this channel will be about lifestyle, travel, and photography so if you are interested please subscribe.

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Thanks for watching and hopefully you enjoyed this video!

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