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Mount Etna, on the island of Sicily, is Europe’s most active volcano. Today, the slopes of Etna are renowned for their fertile soil — and the finest vineyards in Sicily.

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21 Replies to “Sicily: Majestic Mount Etna – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite”

  1. Shedworx Engineering

    My wife is Italian, she is determined to take me to Sicily, she raves about the seafood and the little sweet cakes. Says its the best…i swear theres not been a week gone by in years of marriage where at some point she hasnt mentioned Sicily !

  2. The Wandering Photographer

    you say Sicily is about the same size as Vermont in your video but for non-Americans how big is Vermont, but all jokes aside nice energetic videos thanks for your effort your loyal subject

  3. Bibek Das

    I love you Europe i love Europe food I love Europe culter Europe country is the world no 1 most expensive and beautiful sweet very very nice wonderfull I love Europe country sir

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