Residents near Taipei Dome complain about light pollution from metal roofing

The Taipei dome resumed construction in 2016, and its roof is almost complete. But local residents say that the metal roofing has become the source of light pollution in their homes. They say the dome”s metal paneling reflects sunlight so bright it is having an impact on their everyday lives. Taipei Dome says they will discuss measures to address the issue. As workers hurry to complete the roof on Taipei Dome, nearby residents have begun complaining that the light pollution caused by its reflections is unbearable. ResidentLight pollution is not something new, there has always been light pollution. But the Taipei Dome is very big, which makes it different from other reflective surfaces. The reflections are especially strong in the afternoon. Even when you are indoors you can feel it, it”s a very uncomfortable feeling. The metal roofing panels reflect sunlight straight into nearby windows throughout the long summer days. Residents say the light is blinding.Chin Huei-chuTaipei City Councilor For some living in highrises, the effect of the light pollution means they can”t lead normal lives because the sunlight is too strong. There is currently no legislation regarding light pollution. If we don”t deal with this issue it could become a problem in the future for some communities, and may even lead to public safety issues. Imai MashikoDirector of constructionMoving forward, if the proprietor or architect have clear instructions for us regarding changes that need to be made to construction methods, then we will discuss the issue together and make improvements. Farglory says that previous measurements showed a refraction rate of less than 25% from the dome”s roof. It says it will discuss the issue with nearby residents and aid in the purchase of curtains or antireflective material to curb light pollution.

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