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  1. Cherry

    so I'm curious who's watching for Kyde and who's watching for Eric Kyde is thumbs up Eric is thumbs down and for both just comment both in the comments I'm for both😊

  2. Diane Cavallero

    @4:18 – "Salted cured meats I find the most erotic"

    Oh Eric… lol you are sometimes such a beautifully random guy.

    Now i have to find a way to use that line in conversation ha ha ha!

  3. TyroneP33

    lol that bag of meat just look like it would give off a smell ha ha eat it up tho Eric I like your method of bringing food that is about to go bad eat it, I'm the same way lol about not waisting food.

  4. TyroneP33

    Going back watching classic Kyde & Eric I swear you two are the luckiest to be doing this together, I know in a few years you will be so successful for as long as it goes I could watch you two until your both old, and walking on cane sticks, and walking chairs. I doubt that will ever happen since traveling, and walking keeps you fit, stay relaxed live life and stay in love you two. Love you both, and what you do. I'm one year in the states myself away from Germany that's what never taking days off does to you lol.

  5. jwangxm388

    Taiwan's currency is officially called New Taiwan Dollar, NTD. Most people refer it just NT. Yet, on the street, you say $45 yuan, same pronunciation as a the word round. As as a side note, for Japanese Yen. I noticed the Japanese say 'en', not 'yen'.

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  7. Esme Parker

    It would be amazing if you guys could do some posts breaking down the cost of some of your trips. Love the videos! Thank you so much for making them. xx

  8. Tommy Feng

    Hahaha, the night market smelled like pig farms because you guys were standing right next to a sticky tofu booth(34:26). I do like your video though and hope you enjoyed the trip.

  9. Lucas Teong

    LOL it smells bad at shilin market because you guys were standing near a stinky tofu stall! the sign right behind Eric says 臭豆腐 which means stinky tofu.


    Fruits from a poisonous tree – "Tiananmen Square Protests in China 1989"
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  11. pumpfever

    First time I see one of your videos, I finished watching this video and just after that I realized it was 40mins long! I thought it was just a couple of minutes haha pretty well done! =)

  12. Wise Dragon

    Yea Sars for short is top drink in Taiwan … like blue cheese and durian is just one of those people who likes then likes it and hates then hates affair.

    One of the New Zealand co-worker who have tried said it taste like mouth wash so yea

  13. Michael Price

    Back in April 2015 I was watching Aviation Videos about Hong Kong's Airport and Airliner Flights and then wanted to know more about Taiwan, the Airport and getting around Taiwan. (Never got to really know about Taiwan as much as I wanted to for the last 30 years of my life.) This was my very first Video discovering your Videos back in April 2015. I am not quick to know it all and say things right away. I just allowed the last 4 months looking at a lot more to grasp what is going on. It was eerie, because Eric looked almost like an Apartment resident I have here in Aberdeen, Washington. (I keep wondering if it was this resident (?), but now I noticed the difference. Not as tall or as old.) I been in the Navy back in 1972 to 1975. I was on the U.S.S. CORAL SEA CVA-43 Aircraft Carrier and it was Stationed in Subic Bay Philippines. I have been in the Philippines April 1973 – July 1973 and then back to the Philippines On New Years 1975 and most of the first half of 1975 there. Returned to the US in July 1975. In and out with Cruising the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin dealing with the Vietnam War.  I got to see Hong Kong 1st in June 1973 and Singapore 2nd in April 1975 also.I do not like Hot Weather. Because of that, I am not crazy about Hot Climate Places.

  14. jtpf87

    Guys im loving the videos, but there is one place you SERIOUSLY should come and visit and that is Shanghai. Why? Because I live here and if you come I would love to show you guys around the tallest and most populated city in the world! Ive lived here for 4 years now and its really a great place to see, plus there are 2 other cities close by (Hangzhou and Suzhou oh and Nanjing). Plus Beijing which is 5 hours bullet train away and guess what? Its cheaper here than Taiwan (a little bit). Anyway Im going to make my way through your taiwan videos because I will be visiting there in a week, just wanted to say thanks and I hope u guys can come visit me in Shanghai. Im James, British and loving the v blogs here guys.

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