What to do in Taipei? – Visiting Taiwan | Trying Taiwanese Food | Night Market Taipei | Tasty Taipei

What to do Taipei? And especially what to eat in Taipei? That is the questions our reporters try to find out. Euromaxx Host Meggin Leigh and Taiwanese Reporter Tsou Tzang-Han embark on a fun-filled and tasty adventure through Taipei’s Raohe Night Market for their new series, “Tasty Taipei.” They try taiwanese food like bubble tea and stinky tofu.

They try out 50lan’s bubble tea and sample deep fried, stinky tofu at Hsia Kang Peng’s night market stand.

Taiwan’s diverse culture has laid the ground work for many popular restaurants which specialize in exotic cuisine. It is THE place for foodies who love fusion and more. Few places in Asia have so many different delicious dishes on offer, and all in one city!

“Tasty Taipei” tells the story of Taiwanese food – what’s on the table, why it tastes the way it does and how it got there.

In “Tasty Taipei,” DW’s Taipei correspondent Tzung-Han Tsou takes Euromaxx host Meggin Leigh to the city’s culinary hotspots.

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13 Replies to “What to do in Taipei? – Visiting Taiwan | Trying Taiwanese Food | Night Market Taipei | Tasty Taipei”

  1. Arden Vlogs

    I loved it 😀 😀 I am living in Taiwan for almost 2 years now and I love every single moment of staying here. From food, rich culture, and warm people 😀

  2. Shelley Chen

    3:04 cold black tea do NOT serve as the base with soy milk, normally it serves as the base with non-dairy creamer.
    You can order the bubble tea with fresh milk instead of non-dairy creamer too.
    BTW, We do have black tea with soy milk. And we call it 紅茶豆漿(black tea with soy milk), rather than bubble tea.

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