Taipei Travel – Four Beasts Mountain Elephant Mountain Hiking Tour in Taiwan vlog – 47 part 1

If you’re planning on traveling to Taipei and looking for things to do in Taipei, this video may be perfect for you if you want to go sightseeing in Taiwan. Today I’ll be hiking Four Beasts Mountain in Taipei and it’ll be my first time hiking a mountain. Four Beasts Mountain consist of Elephant Mountain, Tiger Mountain, Lion Mountain, and Leopard Mountain. Each mountain has its own unique characteristics associated to the beast it represents and has its own hiking paths. Hiking Four Beasts Mountain can give you some of the best views of Taipei and these views are amazing.

Before you go to Four Beast Mountain I recommend that you stock up on some food and water at a store. Depending on how long you hike for some of the trails can take up to 4 hours, so most likely you’ll either be here for half a day and you’ll probably be hungry at some point throughout the day. I highly recommend that you have some comfortable hiking shoes because the trails can be very steep, some of stones can be loose so you may lose your footing so you need to be careful. Pack light and pack what you need before you go on this hike.

Check out the link below for the map of Four Beast Mountain and some of the main hiking paths. I did not create map, one of my friends sent this to me and the owner of the map has allowed this to be shared. If you can’t do super steep steps, maybe you might want to skip out on the blue and green trails and go to Tiger Mountain which I’ve read is less steep and easier.

Four Beast Mountain – Main Hiking Paths

In order to get to this area, you can easily take public transportation like the train or buses. Most people will go to Elephant Mountain and take the blue trail (Xiangshan Trail)on the map, because the hike here is not as long and also it gives you a pretty amazing view of Taipei 101 and the city. If you’re from the midwest like I am or from a place that has no hills, this hike up Elephant Mountain will be incredibly difficult. I don’t hike often, however I’m somewhat fit I guess haha and was exhausted hiking up the steps there.The steps are very steep here, however there are frequent places to rest along the Elephant Mountain hiking trail. You can probably go up and down the blue elephant trail in about 2 hours.

If you want to the highest view in the Four Beast Mountain, you can take the Blue Elephant Mountain hiking trail and follow the green trail which leads you to 9-5 Peak. The stairs on the green 9-5 peak trail is not as steep and frequent as the blue Elephant Mountain trail, however this one is quite difficult as well since the hike is very long. Starting from where the Blue Elephant Mountain trail meets the Green 9-5 Peak Trail to the top took me about 1-2 hours to get to the peak. So it’s quite a bit of a long hiking trail and can be quite exhausting especially if you don’t hike or like to climb stairs. However if you attempt the hike and once you get to 9-5 peak the view is very rewarding! Once you’re at the peak you can either continue the green 9-5 peak trail and exit the other side, or you can turn around and head back towards blue Elephant mountain trail. I recommend that you do the latter because if you time it properly you can catch the sunset and the night view of the city at Elephant Mountain.

There are numerous paths here and trails that are not marked on this map, however I think as a first time tourist like myself, going to Elephant Mountain is a must go and going on the 9-5 Peak Trail would be more optional. The 9-5 Peak Trail is awesome, however if you don’t have enough time I would say just hike the Elephant Mountain trail. I recommend that you come here around noon order to give yourself enough time to complete the trails and see the Elephant Mountain sunset. You’ll probably be exhausted attempting this, but it was definitely worth it! Some other things to keep in mind, when I went here it was cloudy so it wasn’t hot, but I can imagine it being extremely hot if the sun was out and also oddly enough I didn’t really see any bugs here for some reason. It may have been two cold temperature wise and all the bugs could be hiding, so maybe bring some insect repellent just in case.


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