The Point: Will mainland's travel ban destroy Taiwan's tourism industry?

A program permitting individual Chinese tourists to visit its Taiwan region has been suspended by the Chinese mainland. What are the reasons behind this policy reversal?
Guests: Joanna Lei, a former Taiwan legislator; Prof. John Gong, of the University of International Business & Economics; Einar Tangen, a Current Affairs Commentator.

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41 Replies to “The Point: Will mainland's travel ban destroy Taiwan's tourism industry?”

  1. edward leung

    Taiwan is an island of fear, lies, and propaganda. The politics and internal security are schizophrenic. The average Joe and Jane work long hours, but have no choice other than to go with the prevailing propaganda flow. When a seemingly new savior appears, as the recent new Kaohsiung mayor, he's adored like a demigod. Only the retarded ultra-nationalists are empowered. Most empowered leaders however, lack the intellectual capacity to accelerate Taiwan. Those who can see the truth lack the moral courage to speak the truth knowing the backlash they would face in such a retarded political environment.

    I am living in Taiwan. I have empathy for the average Joe and Jane, even if they despise me for being seemingly better off, for not holding back with the truth, and not believing in the BS political propaganda.

  2. Hulk Norris

    I think it is a big blow and further restriction for China and Chinese people. I feel bad that they can't travel to wherever they want. But on the bright side: because there are less Chinese tourists, there are more tourists from other countries. After all, there were the same amount of tourists in Taiwan but it is sad that Chinese people can't go there anymore. I hope they can go there soon again.

  3. Samoht Li

    The CIA might interfere in the Taiwan general election. The US is adept in doing this and then stir up some controversies and conspiracy theories to favour its actions.

  4. jonathanbeh1

    Tsai zing-Wen is disgrace as ruler ! Her participation in tobacco smuggling using her private trip, and working with NED and CIA of US to damage and destroy the Chinese race brutally. Do we still call this type of people "Human Being"? the answer is no, they are actually Worst than Animal ; lower mentality than animal. At the front, they will tell you how good a democratic freedom should we have, but actually at the back what they believe how can I earn my dirty money thru democratic slogan. Let look at China today, they are not democratic yet, is their citizen live happily? Go to China and find out. Most of Western politicians and medias don't want you to see the truth. If you knew the truth they have no stories to tell and lost all the income scamming tools!

  5. Albert Chu

    Good, China should stopped all it citizens from traveling to Taiwan since Taiwan want to challenge China !!! Let them suffer for their arrogant attitude !!!

  6. Victor Chew

    Taiwan is a province of China. If any country were to invade Taiwan, China will defend Taiwan at whatever cost. Instead tsai inwen is buying billions of arms from the US and allowing US warships to sail into the straits. Americans will not defend you Taiwanese, they hope Taiwan will fight China using their war machines. As long as Taiwan abstain from declaring independence, China will not invade Taiwan as Taiwan is already part of China and Taiwanese are Chinese too.

  7. yo dasxi

    China needs to grow some big balls badly, before they are infested with China haters. The western devils are closing in on China from all sides and by all ways and means. China needs a stronger and bigger military with humongous balls.

  8. Kin Ming Miller

    Huge Mistake by Taiwan Government by buying Arms from USA !
    The USA will not go to WAR for Taiwan (a bunch of Asians ), you are too close to the Mainland . US has no stomach for a War on the other side of the world , War and Arms is a business for the USA .They use and abandon nations and governments.

  9. ricardo c

    Good. You reap what you sow. Tsai Ing-wen is a traitor to the Chinese people in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. I hope she loses big time in the election.

  10. Zendi Zong

    Global warming is against Taiwan and they need to think fast either be with mainland and have long terms unlimited development or drown themselves 1,000 feet under the sea which nature does not care for you Taiwanese! Think about it! Hong Kong is the same way! A small area will not sustain Taiwanese nor Hong Kong forever!

  11. Zendi Zong

    From Laos. Taiwan needs to be a bit more smarter in long terms decision obviously most long terms development will not be in island country and city for example like Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippine because of lack of access to mainstream society. A vast majority of the populations will now focus on those on the mainland demand and wealth. Not tiny island that isolate itself and claimed to be unique of some sort. Taiwanese needs to make themselves clear and think clearly as Taiwanese interest of the people and not individual flip flopping leadership that keeps on moving Taiwan into the wrong path.

  12. thndrngest

    taiwan’s shoddy dpp regime and supporters were descendants of the former evil jap colonialist benefactors. their ‘forefathers’ educated them that way, conditioned since birth, there’s no way out mentally. the same tragedy for all those countries that were once colonialized by thieves abroad. only proper education and time will take care of this matter.

  13. Steven Wai Chran




  14. sonic meister

    The Point: Will mainland's travel ban destroy Taiwan's tourism industry?

    Hopefully. Amen. Traitorous NaziTaiwan SUBVERSIVE USURPER self-hating hybrids & spawns need to have a taste of its medicine. Bring back its glorious slave days under NaziNip.
    The HK riot was fielded by them as well in collaboration with its LUCIFERIC-SATANIC FREEMASON BRIT & United Satanic AmeriKKKa master.
    Next is HK.

  15. Da Wei

    Chins really did this to stop Chinese from seeing how successful Taiwanese democracy is..They fear individuals having the freedom to experience this whole visiting Taiwan.

  16. Da Wei

    Taiwanese investment and expertise helped China develop and grow. Then China slaps Taiwan into the face and kicks it too. Way to promote good relations! Is this building trust and confidence?

  17. Da Wei

    This is part of the China fear game. Blame foreigners for everything happening in Hong Kong. Nice try China. Ignore responsibility and blame outsiders. Sad!

  18. Jase Crother

    Significant blow ? Despite drop in Chinese tourist to Taiwan, in 2018 Taiwan experienced it's biggest tourist year. Taiwan tourism is booming, without China who don't spend much anyway. Most Taiwanese are happy at the drop in low quality mainland tourists, spitting anywhere, butting cigarettes everywhere, kids pooing on restaurant tables, peeing in night markets.

  19. looi peter

    Yes, I believe Taiwan has a hand in the Unrest in HK. As recently one or two months ago they sent some of their subversive elements to Malaysia with propaganda leaflets to Malaysia but as Malaysian Chinese are very proud of China. They than stopped them confiscated the leaflets tore them up and scolded these subversive elements with its video recorded and circulated in the Whats Apps etc and we Singaporeans also say they deserve it as we Singaporeans are also very proud of of our Ancestral-land China.

  20. John Ellis

    By what fake morality does the English speaking Western world fantasize that the expansion loving Empire they worship has a God given right to parade it's battleships up and down the South China Sea? For if the West cannot conduct commerce in the South Pacific without enforcing a fake rule of law by military deadly force, then to preserve the human race from extinction, the civilized world has a burden to kick the West clean out of the South Pacific.

  21. Manila政府欠我五毛钱

    sanction directly is better. Taiwan buy arms from US with the trade surplus with China mainland and they never appreciate it, and never think about feelings of 1.3 billion people.
    one country one system! Liberate Taiwan by force!

  22. Renatzki Agab

    Mainland suspension of traveling to Taiwan has worst implication, It might be mainland could be planning to stage an invasion that's why Beijing is banning its people to travel to Taiwan

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