Traveling to Taiwan | Land, People and History | 1960s

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This film is a travel documentary on Taiwan (Republic of China). It covers land, people and history of Taiwan.

Traveling to Taiwan | Land, People and History | 1960s


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26 Replies to “Traveling to Taiwan | Land, People and History | 1960s”

  1. Hablz bible

    china is land of the fake traitor people untrustable people, taiwan lost some of its part because of traitors and fake , taiwan is the real republic of china

  2. John Moran

    Reminds me of many of the things I saw on a daily basis when stationed in Taiwan during the 1960's, excellent duty, great people, great food, it was the best duty assignment that I had while in the U.S. Army.

  3. خلق الخالق

    this is the first time, I watch tie film, it talks about how european old days function in new days of 60's in asia beside some chinese officials who work toward their individual gains because the island has oil and natural gas

  4. Jason Strnad

    Wasn't Taiwan still under martial law via Kai Shek during this period? Trying to square that with the many references in this video to elections and 'Free China.'

  5. Shanghai Noon

    The KMT actively forced soldiers to marry native women shortly after the Chinese Civil War in an effort to secure its legitimacy. They also killed, tortured, or imprisoned anyone who sympathised with the PRC. This is why they aren't recognised by 98% of the world. Their entire existence is built on a lie.

  6. dstv asia

    A flood tide of refugees from the mainland, who slaughtered local inhabitants and with the help of the corrupt KMT government stole lands from local inhabitants.

  7. dstv asia

    Wrong on several counts, one is that the Chinese did not inter marry with aboriginals. They did so and many people have aboriginal backgrounds in Taiwan.

    Taiwan of course has never been part of the PRC

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