EXTREME Taiwanese BEST LU ROU FAN in Taipei and pig feet Beitou market

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Oh my god! You have no idea what I just went for in Beitou, Taiwan. I actually didn’t expect that coming either! I was expecting Hot springs! as the town we went to, Beitou, is famous for its hot springs! I hadn’t known their street food was also popular until we got there and my local friend, Neal, told me it was!

You know that it’s real local when there’s not even English name for it on Google maps. The place located at a market in the very old building. Hidden on the 2nd floor.

– Lu Rou Fan (25 NTD = 0.80 USD)
Let me explain the local dish called ‘Lu Rou Fan’.. The Taiwanese traditional dish. It’s basically a braised pork rice with the sweet brown sauce tastes intensively sweet and salty on top of steamed rice. The dish’s sold all over the country! They really do eat it! and yes, this place we went to is famous for the dish!

– Pork feet in sweet brown sauce (50 NTD = 1.6 USD )
Oh my gosh! If you haven’t eaten pork feet just yet, try so! Well, not everybody would love it, though, I do! It’s just so fat and flavorful. I love the moment I start chewing it and all the fat just spread in my mouth! The texture also.. it’s like soft and chewy at the same time. Plus the taste of the sauce is just so delicious. I even like this one more than ‘Lu Rou Fan’ itself. No kiddin’!

They eat it with shredded ginner and the fermented tofu red sauce which go together well.

– Egg and tofu in sweet brown sauce (20 NTD = 0.65 USD)
This one they sell it for 10 NTD each. I love tofu and I’m sure a lot of you love eggs. Same sauce as the other things above.

– Winter melon Soup (45 NTD = 1.45 USD)
All the grease you eat.. yes, all those fatty piece in the brown sauce LOL This is the thing that would help clean out your throat before start another spoonful of pork feet. I know it’s kinda weird eating hot soup in such a hot weather but I’m used to it!

All the dishes we got! Can’t believe we paid 4.5 USD!

Yes, you read that right! Amazing, ain’t it. The food’s really good, really. I would totally go back to Beitou just for the pork feet!

Address : 112, Taiwan, Taipei City, Beitou District, Xinshi Street, 30號436號攤位市場

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Lots of lots of love – ‘Till we eat again 🙂

Taiwan (ประเทศไต้หวัน) officially the Republic of China, is a state in East Asia. Neighbouring states include the People’s Republic of China to the west, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south.

Well, in this case, I will actually call it a country! As even Taiwanese themselves don’t really like to be called ‘Chinese’. They’re proud of their island, culture, history, language (a bit different from Chinese, you know) and all.

I am lucky enough to have a few friends who live there so yes! Taiwanese local guides everywhere!! With this TAIWAN BEST FOOD AND TRAVEL series, you will get to see all the Taiwanese best spots to travel to and hang out. Best Taiwanese local food around. Both restaurants and Taiwanese street food at their well-known night markets! How to get around Taiwan, where to eat, what to do?

Super duper hot springs. Some secret spots only locals know about (now you will do too!), the green library, best lu rou fan, Taiwanese great food and weird ones like, ice-cream spring rolls and stinky tofu. The golden temple and that super cool beer museum and brewery (brewseum) down south.. All these in Taipei, Wulai, Beitou, Kenting, Tainan.. The list goes on.. oh my youuuuu! Much more, much more!

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