🌄{Hiking} Taiwan Travel — TIANMU HISTORIC TRAIL in Taipei (臺北天母古道)

Easy hike starting from the northern end of Zhongshan North Road in Tianmu. Popular with locals and foreign residents of the Tianmu neighborhood. Chance of seeing monkeys up close (we didn’t see any). The Cuifeng Waterfall was nicer than expected. 🙂

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5 Replies to “🌄{Hiking} Taiwan Travel — TIANMU HISTORIC TRAIL in Taipei (臺北天母古道)”

  1. Tony Howng

    May be i mixed up. Is the trail also has another bridge to cross the creek? ( Few houses near there I believed they belongs to water company. After crossing the creek few steps up we can reach Touyang highway There is a waterfall under the bridge and the trees are very dense surrounding the whole area which makes it extremely beautiful ). Or it is at the second trail branch shows on the map with pink dots cause I remember it did has iron gates as the map indicated. .Anyway, thanks for another quality video

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