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This is unofficial because I am not a professional chef or traveller so you’re just getting a recommendation from a random person

These are simply just my favourite places to go to in Taiwan, there are a couple of places I’ve missed out because I didn’t have time.

Let me know what you think, if it was boring or what I should improve on!
Hope you enjoy it!!

Here is the list of places below
1. Taipei Fish Market (Addiction Aquatic Development)
2. Taipei 101
Bubble Tea (Ten Ren Tea)
3. 讚
4. Din Tai Fung
5. Shi Lin Night Market

Music: Jeff Kaale – Pancakes

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41 Replies to “Winnie in Taiwan | PENELOPE POP”

  1. Li Cha

    Hello ms. Winnie😍😍 hope to see you here in taiwan anytime😍😍😍 anywhere… ilove taiwan so much😍😍😍 i love the people,ilove the food much healthier than the phillipines🙊🙊🙊🙊✌😍… sometimes ill go to shillin nightmarket soooooo many foods😍😍😍😍

  2. Kristine Bugayong

    Hi Winnie!! Super big fan here.
    I would just like to ask how the weather is in Taiwan in Nov. Will a light jacket be enough? My friends and I are going mid Nov. Thanks for your help 😊

  3. Roblox xssjgx

    I worked in Taiwan for 7 years, it's so fun, lots of varieties of affordable foods, clothes and shoes, and the bubble tea in everywhere,and not to forget the night market, I miss all of it

  4. minkooky

    Wow this was pretty straightforward and super helpful! Now I want to go to Taiwan!!!! (discreetly binge-watching your channel – new fan here! XO)

  5. Aikaaa

    Thank you for this, Penelope! We’re visiting Taiwan soon and we’re not quite sure which places to visit (that aren’t touristy spots).

    Hoping to see more travel tips 🤩

  6. Jenny Dy

    I love Taiwan. Been there twice already. I've stayed there for 2 months on my first visit, coz my dad's taiwanese. It is by far my most favorite country. And bec. Of your vlog, it makes me wanna go back again. 😊

  7. Allyzon Keena Villanueva

    just found your youtube acc a few hours ago and fell in love with it! And you're Taiwanese!! I love Taiwan so much, visited 4 times already in a span of 1.5 years and planning to visit again! I just love the people, the culture and the night markets! Anyway, I rarely leave comments on Youtube videos, but I wanna say that I love how organised you are, and you've inspired me to clean my closet, throw out all the useless stuff I have and just organise my life at 2 in the morning. So, thank you <3

  8. Ma Jessirylle Teria

    im inlove with the bubble tea of taiwan. i miss it so much, but i dont know where to buy here in the philippines which has the same taste like the one in taiwan.

  9. Jay R

    Binge watching all your vids! New subbie here and yaaas! I love eating at Shilin!!! The spicy fried chicken and the stinky tofu 😆 And shopping at Ximending! I miss Taiwan 😌

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