Taiwan's first impressions: loud, overkill humidity, amazing street food!

I landed in Taiwan after a 12 hours flight a here are my first impressions of it’s capital, Taipei. The first thing I noticed is that the city is vibrant, full of motorbikes and loud sounds. The other this that is very impressive during this first time in Taiwan is the humidity: I’m sure I came here in the “not touristic” season because of the rain, but the humidity is something that totally shocked me. The last thing that is very very impressive is street food: everywhere there are tiny shops selling dumplings, meat or whatever you desire. Ah, another thing that shocked me is the shops where you try to win games and other stuff: they are everywhere!

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2 Replies to “Taiwan's first impressions: loud, overkill humidity, amazing street food!”

  1. Sonny Greenwich Jr

    Ha! I could feel your pain with the tired eyes! Nothing worse than jet lag and no place to go! At least you didn't have a bunch of bags to carry around as well! Good Stuff!
    Salutations from misty Ireland!  ☘️💪🏽👀👍🏽☘️

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