Exploring Taipei (Amazing Taiwan)

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I friggin LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL TAIPEI! This city has so much to offer – not too crowded, brilliant metro station, interesting food, and the respectful people. Taiwan has a complicated and rich culture, and is probably the most underrated country to visit to in Southeast Asia.

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42 Replies to “Exploring Taipei (Amazing Taiwan)”

  1. Rio Santiago

    tried the squat toilet, in taipei and hongkong i dont like it its hard to squat while peeing (tmi) but im not used to it i mean but when dont have a choice when u need to go u gotta to go. wahhaha

  2. Kaye Moriles

    Hallo there haley ..im a filipino in i am working here in taiwan ..actually its nice here in taiwan but when it comes to food and the smell of the people, you may not like it i promise hehe ..you are in good timing because that day is rainy and cold but when summer came all people smells really bad coz they dont use deodorant haha lol

  3. Richard

    You should try two places for incredible desserts: Ice Monster for the most incredible mango ice. And Dazzling Cafe for delicious tea and honey toast with ice cream. You will love them.

  4. Miki Moto

    Hey Haley ni hao watching fr.Taipei 🙂 almost done watching ol ur blogs and was amazing! fr.ur family homebase to work & ur lifestyle .. Actually bin watching blogs but i dnt share any of my coments but since den watching u is very iteresting, i like you and keep bloging and spk tagalog 🙂

  5. Kaffir

    Squat toilets are actually pretty common in most southeast asian countries. Doctors claim that squat toilets are more effective and better for your health than traditional toilet bowls. The squatting position helps open up your sphincter, thus daily bowel movement is a breeze. I personally prefer the traditional toilet where I sit and rest my elbows on my knees but anything for good health is worth the inconvenience.

  6. Vito Vitale

    It's amazing how Haley's tired face was transformed into an object of great beauty and grace after she applied some lipstick and makeup which was very nice on the eyes indeed! Also its smart you have Daniel with you such a nice chap just make sure you keep the little devil in his place…oh and I have a Master's in History!

  7. simply jheny

    about the squatting bathroom it's really usual here in taiwan even in public, private places you will find it anywhere…at first I'm not comfortable with it but because I live and work here for 9years now then I'm used to it already,,, I love going to all the places here and almost saw the culture and historical landmark of each places here in taiwan….it's nice you came here and do some vlog,,hope you enjoy the experience..

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