Walk Taipei: Chongqing road, Zhongshan Hall Taipei Taiwan

In this video I’ll take you walking from chongqing south road to the presidential office building up to Zongshan hall around Zhongzheng District in Taipei.

You are watching Techneca Media and my name is Chet. I’m from Manila Philippines and love to explore the city and make videos about them. I have recently traveled to Taipei and made a few videos on the places that I have visited. Join me as I explore the city of Taipei.

I’ll be taking you on a walk on the streets of Taipei. I started from the Chongqing Soth road, walked towards the Presidential Office Building made a right turn right at the Baoqing road, then turn another right on the corner of Bo’ai Road. Then made a left at Hengyang Road until I reached Zongshan Hall (中山堂).

Top things to do in Taipei Taiwan
National Palace Museum
Chiang Kai Shek
Maokong Gondola Ride
Old Jiufen Road
Taipei Night Markets
Shilin Night Market
Taipei Sightseeing Bus
Taipei 101
Yeliu Geo Park

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13 Replies to “Walk Taipei: Chongqing road, Zhongshan Hall Taipei Taiwan”

  1. TJ C

    Very interesting, Taipei looks very consistent. Too much of Manila is drastically inconsistent.. Hopefully you can also make a trip to Japan, Korea, China, Veitnam. Also would be nice if you could visit Hawaii for ideas to improve some of tourists beaches in Philippines.

  2. Takahashi Chiriko

    Everytime i see our neighboring Asian countries, i can't prevent to think amazement and at the same time being envious how clean, organized and aesthetically pleasing their places are and how their citizens are discipline and law abiding. If only the people to our country, both gov't and private property owners are properly and consistently maintaining infrastructures like buildings, roads, walkways, trees and poles on pristine condition. Stricter laws and political will must strongly enforce not only in Metro Manila but the whole Philippines to prevent littering, squatting, illegal parking and illegal usage of public open spaces. I'm still optimistic that Filipinos will be aware of the current situation of the country and start to be ambitious and not to be contented of what status the country is suffering right now and must sacrifice for the future generations. We might not able to achieve this level of beauty and cleanliness that Taiwan is sitting right now but judging the current events and politics and based of the development of the country(economical, social and academics), we might achieve this in our lifetime, maybe 15 to 20 years from now at least in Metro Manila and some close neighbor regions in the capital like Clark, Pampanga. I'm cautiously optimistic…

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