Our Taipei Adventure 2019 – First day in Taiwan

Welcome back friends! In this episode, we finally make it to Taiwan after a bit of a rough start getting out of the Philippines. After learning how to navigate the MRT system and finding our hotel, we step out to the Ximen district for some food and wandering around this vibrant area of Taiwan.

We find Taiwan a very clean and comfortable place to be in, especially being a large metropolitan area. Many large cities can be intimidating, but this one feels warm and welcoming. The Night market area of Ximen is full of people in the evening, which is the preferred time to wander the streets during the summer in the city, as temps during the day soar.

Stay tuned tor videos from the rest of our travels in Taipei! It should be a fun time in Taiwan.

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2 Replies to “Our Taipei Adventure 2019 – First day in Taiwan”

  1. lumpialife

    Wow that train ride into the city! Nice! Looks very modern! Language barriers? Good deals on goods? Now in the bucket for places to see! Keep up the great work!

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