Philippines OR Thailand? | Which Is Best To Travel?

Philippines or Thailand, which is best to travel? Our 2 favourite countries is Southeast Asia and it is hard to choose the best. We compare things like the food, culture and beaches in these must visit destinations. Hopefully this will help you decide where to go on your next trip to South East Asia.

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34 Replies to “Philippines OR Thailand? | Which Is Best To Travel?”

  1. huh

    food = thailand
    off the beaten path = philippines
    communication = philippines
    internet = thailand
    ease of travel = thailand
    price = same same
    culture = thailand
    nature = philippines

    thailand is a great introduction of southeast asia for backpackers. convenient hub to go to neighboring countries. awesome food and unique culture. philippines is when you're done with the basic touristy stuff and ready to explore beyond that. philippines can be your playground to get lost and find yourself as the only tourist in a deserted island.

  2. Shintharro Mikimoto

    Im a filipino and i so so love my beloved Philippines. thailand is one of my bucket list country to visit someday. Thai food is everything! 🥰

  3. Noel Duncan

    Thank you. I've been to both countries. Both are nice, but! Thailand was "cold" emotionally, and the Philippines was very "family" like. This was in 1976.

  4. Der Reisende

    If you can't decide between the Philippines and Thailand just go to Myanmar. Simular culture with nice and authentic people. Temples and nature are incredible beautiful and there are much less tourists around. BTW. as tourism is a quite new thing there all hostels are quite new and in superb condition.

  5. Freddy Jaeggi

    Pls. If you like too compare both country both has plus and contras. I lives many years in phil. But not all is good there. Phil. Is very corupt and women also scammers about the food is much better in thailand the problems of the thais is english barrier i spend many years ago my vaction in thailand and the was very friendly too us. The phil. Country is nice but if you have to prepare important papers for immigrations the are very complicatet works like in the eighten. Pls. Dont make thailand small phil. Is not better. Thank you

  6. Tristan Islais

    I'm Thai. Can u (@travel beans) plz make PH win all the aspects and we don't mind that at all. We are a humble little nation and we don't want to compete with our friendly neighbor. Plz leave us in peace. I hope u have a wonderful experience in every places u visit^^

  7. Parfumerie Botanique

    I love your vlogs but please enough of the comparisons between Thailand and the Philippines. We are completely two different countries as you know and the only thing that we share is being in SE Asia. The Philippines is culturally and geographically closer to Malaysia and Indonesia more than Thailand. It’s like comparing the UK with, say, Switzerland, which doesn’t really make sense.

  8. Rogila Balaso

    EVERY country have own unique beauty like people so stop compairing. And one thing thailand and Philippines are both southeast Asian. What's your purpose to compair this 2 countries? Your YouTube channel is👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  9. Dan X

    I luv both countries. I luv Philippines I just think their beaches are beautiful. I luv Thailand I think they have the most beautiful women in the world after the Japanese. Just being honest ladies.

  10. yves ed cortez

    We must admit that transportation and infrastructures are not there yet. But that's the catch. You traveled hard. But payed off after you see thousands of islands. And meet great people. Tnx for this video..

  11. Miko Miko

    I’ve been to Thailand. The country is beautiful but locals there are having hard time to speak in English compare to The Philippines even farmers and people who live in slum area can speak at least English which I am confident to travel because I will not be lost. Also, Filipinos are very hospitable and kind people, they will welcome you very warm.

  12. Cindy Garinga

    Big issues for locals and tourists are the internet because stupid provider wifi likes to get a easy money but the service is terrible. Now our new administration working on it to provide a better service both local and tourist..globe,smart and pldt are crappy service for a very long time, they are scammers to the consumer….anyway thanks 4 choosing my country ..

  13. jeff lim

    Ease of travelling (because of english skills)-philippines
    Tourism infrastructure-thailand
    Nightlife-thailand (raunchier)

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