Bohol Travel vlog (Diving with turtles)

On my recent trip to the Philippines, I and Avelovinit visited the best spots in Bohol. This Island is neatly located in the center of the Philippines and I can totally see why so many people call this their favorite island. We went to dive with the turtles on the Balicasag Island outside of Bohol and the Panglao Island where we stayed at the Henann Resort and treated ourselves a very nice couple massage. Which part was your favourite? Enjoy the vlog! 😄

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Produced by: Martin Solhaugen & Markus Sæter
Filmed by: Martin Solhaugen & Patrice Averilla
Edited by: Markus Sæter

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22 Replies to “Bohol Travel vlog (Diving with turtles)”

  1. Barthomolow Ap

    As good as the island looks I watched expecting to see the island and everything that it offers, not for the video to show your girlfriend at every opportunity. Who is editing this? This should be a video about Bohol not an advertisement for other travel vloggers.

  2. jhane kenneth medel

    No skipping of ads here.. Bohol is soooooo amazing kuya martin and ate ave.. i've never been there but since both of you are travelling to some places like this same like your taking me with you.. yeiy!!! Thank you kuya martin and ate ave.. 😘😘😘 take care..

  3. Cathy V

    Marvelovinit! Go to Amanpulo Island 🌴 in Philippines your next destination vlog please ❗️so Beautiful there😍I’m going there on my Birthday on December and I want tips where to eat and to go from you guys!

  4. Aljune Castro

    I'm from Bohol but I've never been in that island. 😅 and now I should go snorkeling to see some turtles! 🙌🏻 Thanks for an amazing vlog Martin & Ave! 👏🏻🌊🌴🤙🏻

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