Typhoon Lekima hits Taiwan, so I go see Taipei by night under the rain! 🇹🇼

Typhoon Lekima, I just landed in Taipei, Taiwan, and everyone is talking about Typhoon Lekima. It’s the best trip of my life and here it can’t stop rain. I want to vlog every day, so typhoons or rain, I won’t stop: I will do what I come to do here in Taiwan and other countries, vlog and share with you lots of stories and places.
See you every day!

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13 Replies to “Typhoon Lekima hits Taiwan, so I go see Taipei by night under the rain! 🇹🇼”

  1. Tania Wu

    Thanks for the video, I wouldn’t dare to stroll around during typhoon days. I hope you’ve enjoyed the “breeze” of Lekima. I really liked the scene 4:26, it’s like watching a trash horror movie.

  2. Reporterfy Media

    Michele great video, let's have a Skype call and organize Thailand. We will take care of your accommodation and pick you up from the airport. I am not the best cook but I can make pizza and pasta. My viewers would love if we do a collaboration. We have many Vloggers that collaborate with us as you see on our site. Just get a cheap ticket on Airasia and we will cover the rest when you arrive. Cheers

  3. Đình Thắng

    Hi guy, if you wanna go another country. Please Let come to Vietnam once, because Vietnam is so beautiful. Vietnamese are very kind, friendly..You should come Vietnam one time, Welcome to you!

  4. Reporterfy Media

    Michele if possible please come to Thailand and we can do some great content together. We have our own channel and similar visions. YOu can stay at our place in BKK, just get a ticket to Bangkok and we will take care of the rest.

  5. 無糖層SugarFreeLayer

    The reason for not going out during typhoon is because you'll never know what is going to fall down from the sky. (Any thing blown away by the strong wind)

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