Highlights from my traveling in Taiwan

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I love taking pictures but in a video-making I’m absolute beginner. This video is made from clips what I have took during my whole stay in Taiwan while I was traveling there and studying in a city Kaohsiung at Sun Yat-Sen University. I was traveling almost every weekend to different places in Taiwan and this video is overview of what I have seen or you can see if you visit this beautiful country.

Jarico – Landscape
Joakim Karud – Vibe with me
Roman Muller – Easy life

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18 Replies to “Highlights from my traveling in Taiwan”

  1. robert toodie

    Yip 5 minutes basically sums up Taiwan…5 months can only show 5 minutes of footage …Thailand and Australia are a billion times more awesome. (dont be duped, Taiwan is anti-anyone who is not Taiwanese, but they will take your money happily with a smile..ooh hao li hai)

  2. Graceontour

    Loving your videos! I´m also a fellow traveller and post travel videos, just moved to Taiwan. I would be really happy if you would like to check them out. Keep up the great work!

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