China to boycott Taiwan's Oscars in yet another tantrum – TomoNews

TAIPEI — Beijing will be boycotting Taiwan’s answer to the Oscars in its latest attempt to rain on the island nation’s parade.

SOURCES: South China Morning Post, The Guardian

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21 Replies to “China to boycott Taiwan's Oscars in yet another tantrum – TomoNews”

  1. Raj Viir

    Wishing some country would step up and defend taiwan and hongkong from the bully china. They feel offended with something that isn't theirs to begin with.

  2. Fan Matisse

    Taiwan netizens replied, 'please ban all propaganda Chinese films coming to Taiwan to rob the awards from the talented Taiwanese film industry.' It seems that China considers themselves doing Taiwan a favor to attend this award, but in fact, the talents of Taiwan movie industry have no where to turn but to help the big budget Hollywood as most jobs are robbed by the Chinese films.

    Do you know 'Life of PI', 'Lucy' were majorly shot in Taiwan with Taiwanese excellent movie industry talents, helping them achieve world-class special effect at the cheapest prices?

    If there is no coercion from China, Taiwan's movies will sweep major awards in the domestic and international film festivals.

    Now, the justice has finally arrived.

  3. turtle g

    See so call pro China supporters never seen how cruel China government action. If hk is under communist. Nobody can protest and even comment in fb and here.

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