(Travel Vlog) Apple Xinyi A13 Taipei Taiwan Travel

Instagram account: IVY ROUND THE WORLD

Camera Used: Sony Handycam FDR-AXP55, Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Music by Jay Someday- Better Days

edit/created: Wondershare Filmora

About IVY ROUND THE WORLD: Our channel consists mostly of traveling, unboxing tech stuff and since we have a toddler with us, we also do unboxing toys once in awhile and haul. We will include tech reviews and travel tips as well.

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taipei travel

48 Replies to “(Travel Vlog) Apple Xinyi A13 Taipei Taiwan Travel”

  1. みぃちゃんねる

    Thank you for sharing nice video🙆💟💛💜💙💚💝💞💖💗like36👍👍👍✨🍎🍏🍎Thank you my dear friend😆👍✨🍀🌻🌸🌹💓💞✨

  2. moodyblooms

    Wow that store is huge!! It is the biggest one I have seen. Pretty plants. I love the water feature outside too! Thanks for your visit dear!! It really means a lot!💕

  3. How To Korea

    The rooftop looks like the back of an imac hahaha 😀 The architecture looks nice, i like how the trees add a pop of green inside ^^ and you can sit on the planter 😀 Thanks for sharing!!

  4. 블루문 Bluemoon Travel & Plant

    Very nice place!
    Thanks for sharing my friend.
    I've been there a few years ago.
    Like 28.
    Let's stay and connected.
    Have a good time.👍👍

  5. Cuộc Sống Vui Vẻ

    ☀️ ⓈⓊⓅⒺⓇ ⓋⒾⒹⒺⓄ ☀️ Big Like 27 .. ♫☆♫. ✿⊱
    Full Video❤️⊱ƸӜƷ⊰❤️

    Very well donе! Stay connected Blessed. ●•ツ ☘ ❤️ 🔔 👍

    My Dear Friend.Good luck ●•ツ ☘ God bless you … Greetings

  6. Simona Senesi

    Hello! Here I am to support you. Thank you for your visit to my Channel. Really good your video really professional. Let's keep in touch. See you!!!!

  7. HI LANA

    There are so many good places in WoW and Taiwan so I want to go there

    My friend I will always share with you. …. 👍5╰ 💕 ᶫᵒᵛᵉ 💕 ╮

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