Taipei 臺北 VR Interactive & Immersive Travel Tour – VeeR Experience trailer

😎 Full Interactive & Immersive VR Travel Tour on VeeR:

This tour is in development. Jiufen (九份), Shifen Old Streets (十分老街) and more with 3D 360 video in 6K (shot on Kandao Obsidian), epic 360 Aerial Drone video over different areas, 3D HDR 360 photos, 360 Timelapse and MORE! The VeeR Experience link is a live link as I continue editing the tour – day job comes first, but I am passionate about 360VR travel tours and can wait to make more and travel around the world! I hope to bring you to more places in VR – so support me by sharing this videos and ask your friend to subscribe to my channels 💜

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taipei travel

16 Replies to “Taipei 臺北 VR Interactive & Immersive Travel Tour – VeeR Experience trailer”

  1. Waking Dreams VR/360°/3D/AR

    Just found this. How long were you here? Next time you are in Taiwan, let me know. Perhaps we can coordinate so you can visit (or even present) at one of our Taiwan VR Meetups (I am the organizer).

  2. J Koyama

    Hi Hugh, great video. Any update on when you can share where we can purchase the mount for Mavic 2? I have a trip coming up and would love to bring my fusion and mavic 2 for the combo. Keep up the good work!

  3. Shoop

    Constructive criticism: music is TOO LOUD. Gave you a thumbs up though.

    Your music became so loud I had to turn it down and then I couldn't hear your voice. Turning the volume up and down is annoying at the least and can wake people up/piss people off.

    Just an FYI

  4. brandon BigC

    Very nice, what 360 camera did you use? You should do a video on the setup of the camera and your drone. Awesome video, keep up the good work!

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